Dumb 01

EPSO: we seek dumb people

Checkout the "Before you apply" section of this competition (or any current one):
"Before you apply, we would like you to think carefully about whether an EU career is the right choice for you. The selection process is highly competitive, this year more than ever before, as there are only 137 places on the reserve list.

As an indication, in 2012 more than 45,000 candidates participated in the first stage of the selection process, but fewer than 2% were invited to the second stage."

This is a weird warning to place on a job offer. It seems like they are trying to scare people away.
It is surely discouraging even for the most competent and motivated to participate to such a fierce competition when there are alternatives out there.
Why would EPSO do that? Well, less candidates, less work for them, fewer complaints and fewer legal cases.

There is also a darker motive perfectly in line with Sefcovich policies and DG HR actions: the weakening of the European Public Service and of the Commission position in general. They did everything to demotivate their current serfs:
• they cut our incomes in real terms,
• they increased the duration of work (in weekly hours and years before retirement) without compensation,
• they have eliminated any shred of objectivity from the promotion exercises
• they have censored extensively our access to information through Internet (even websites with strong words/adult language are blocked)
• they plan now to track our presence. No, not yet with wireless implants or tattooed barcodes, only with access control devices. Yeah, it's easier than managing people.
• they systematically ignored the minimal right of their serfs to a simple consultation for each of the changes they decided for our working conditions
The result of this abuse and humiliation is a relation serf – administration that is at all times low and this can't be good for the productivity nor for the overall quality of the Commission services.
Why would they do that? Well, there are enough enemies of the EU both inside and outside the institutions or the union itself (Vladimir Putain). Judging by such actions some of our leaders appear to work for these adverse parties.
Or maybe they don't need the employees of the institutions because the institutions themselves have no real objectives anymore and the EU is drifting without a compass, rotting away in institutional inertia. This seems to be the case surely for our external (in)action, judging by the deep and intense emotion ("Fuck the EU") expressed by an official of our closest ally.

But abusing the current serfs is not enough. The new blood must be also taken care of because the EPSO recruitments following the enlargement brought in a lot of good people due to the fierce competition (no matter how badly a contest is setup, with enough competition you will get exceptional laureates) and in spite of their usual and significant procedural problems.
But these fresh, competent, unbroken people do not see themselves as serfs. They tend to not accept abuse and sabotage from anyone. And together with the few elder rebels that are still kicking they are a threat to the dark masters of the establishment.

This source of trouble had to be stopped. And here comes again EPSO, by far the most inept European service provider, eager to please while protecting their comfort zone.
They do this by lessening the competition, by scaring people off and by wasting their time. If that warning is not enough to convince the candidate of the unprofessionalism and hypocrisy of the selection procedure, the next step is to have them sit in a mandatory self-test that takes 81 minutes but whose results do not matter for the selection!
Why? Well, maybe they change their mind and give up.
To filter out competent self-respecting people that value their own time.
To filter in pliable, controllable, desperate or dumb future serfs – that's their ideal candidate.

Also, the situational judgement test is deeply flawed. Competent people know that there is no absolute recipe for leadership – some managers like to have full control, to know everything, some other like to manage by exception through delegation. The "Most Effective" action in a given situation depends therefore on the style of your manager. It also depends on the size, motivation and composition of your team. To assume that a certain action is always the best is to demonstrate how narrow the limits of your tiny bureaucratic brain are.
And it's worse for the "Less Effective" where the criterion is even murkier. This highly subjective and dubious test has no place next to objective numerical, verbal and abstract tests whose results they contaminate and distort.

But then again, maybe I'm wrong and maybe EU officials should be mass-produced, standard, predictable, cowering robots. Maybe if EPSO succeeds in selecting the candidates according to this strategy then managing this lot will be just a matter of writing down their presence hours each day. Who cares for work performance, for getting things well done when you can have absolute obedience and loyal lip service?