All you ever wanted to know about SID

SID is an independent Trade Union of employees of all EU institutions and EU agencies. It is also an affiliate member of [http://www.amnesty.org.uk/|Amnesty International UK]. ((All you ever wanted to know about SID))

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What is SID?

SID is an independent Trade Union of employees of all EU institutions and EU agencies. It is also an affiliate member of Amnesty International UK.
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Where is SID located?

SID is in the European Commission, Luxembourg. It has branches in Luxembourg, Brussels, London and the Outside Union.

Who are in the Secretariat of SID?

Michael ASHBROOK, SID president, BECH B2/327, European Commission, Kirchberg, Luxembourg, email: , telephone: +352.691.319971 / +352.691.319971 / +352.4301.33567

position vaccant , SID Secretary General, , European Commission, Luxembourg, email:

Florin Adrian VLAICU, SID Secretary for Brussels, L130 05/170, European Commission, Brussels, email:

Homa DEAN, SID Secretary for Brussels, L-41 09/077, European Commission, Brussels, email:

Ada DELL'AMORE, Deputy SID Secretary General, JMO A3/040, European Commission, Luxembourg, email:

MATTHE Hendrik, SID Treasurer, EUFO 03/162, Luxembourg, email:

Angel SIMON DELGADO,SID Secretary for Archives, BECH B2/397, European Commission, Kirchberg, Luxembourg, email:

Dorothea SCHWAB, SID Secretary for Communications with Amnesty International,EMA, S-COM-ICR, London, email:

Lorenzo CAREDDU, SID Secretary for delegations inside the EU, COMM.B.LO.003, London, email:

Jaime ROYO OLYD, SID Secretary for delegations outside of EU, EEAS.DEL.SRI LANKA.002, SRI LANKA, email:

vaccant position, SID Secretary for Study Centre & Garderie, European Commission, Luxembourg, email:

position vaccant,SID Secretary for co-ordinations, Luxembourg, email:

What are the goals of SID?

You may find the details of the SID platform? here. And in PDF format
Register of Interest Representatives(external link)

Affiliation to Amnesty International(external link)

In January 2009, SID members voted with over 2/3 majority in a Referendum in favour of SID affiliating to Amnesty International(external link). On February 11, we received acknowledgement that our application has been accepted by AI-UK.
Why join AI-UK...

Has SID got any internal rules?

Yes it has. Our bylaws are specified here.
The old version of our bylaws was this one and was valid from 15/10/2007 until 26/4/2009.

Why you should join SID

The fact is, on your own there’s not much you can do to affect your working conditions. Joining SID means that you won’t be on your own.
Join SID and you will have a voice in your workplace and you will be able to draw on all the advice and legal support SID has on offer.

1. For a strong voice
Joining SID is about standing up for one another. On your own you have very little power to influence decisions made by management. Uniting with your colleagues in the union means you can make a difference.

2. To make things better at work
Unions enable workers to organise around key improvements they want to make to their workplace. Together we can challenge the strength of our employers and improve our working lives.

3. To fight for better pay and terms and conditions
Our terms and conditions were not handed to us by management. We have fought hard to win them. Today we are going all out to protect what we already have as well as pushing for improvements where we think they can be made.

4. For decent public services in our communities
Decent public services need dedicated staff to deliver them. Stand with us to protect the services we provide.

5. To get the respect we deserve
No member should have to accept abuse, threats or physical assault as part of their job. Together we can stand up to bullies and protect each other.

6. For advice and support to ensure you are treated fairly at work
Your employer intends to be fair and responsible, but it’s possible that from time to time problems may arise. This is where access to advice and support from your union can pay off.

7. To combat discrimination and prejudice at work
We are encouraging and supporting members in under-represented groups to play a full and active role in our structures.

8. You will have the opportunity to elect your representatives
You can choose who you feel would best represent your interests or become a representative yourself. SID is a democratic union and you can get involved and help decide union policy.

9. It’s unwise to wait
Even the most self-reliant person can have an accident or get sick, which can result in disciplinary action. Join us after encountering a problem at work and we may be able to help you.

10. It’s easy
Download the joining application form, complete it and return it to us at (SID, MER 4/424, Publications Office of EU, Luxembourg) .

SID candidates in the Oct 2007 Local Staff Committee elections

We presented 7 couples but the Administration with the aid of several other trade unions and the "bureau de vote" canceled 3 of our candidates on the pretext that their employment category is not mentioned in the RAAA (Régime Applicable aux Autres Agents des Communautés européennes- or in English: Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities). Reference: 1(external link)

We consider their action to be a cowardly act reducing our chances of success.

Please note all our candidates are full-time direct employees of the European Commission.

Also by delaying the publication of our tracts during the election process while favouring all other trade Unions publications in time, Administration has shown that they were not neutral in their dealings with us.

SID candidates in June 2009 Brussel's Local Staff Committee elections

SID candidates in VOTE THE CHANGE list in Luxembourg Local Staff Elections 2010

What has SID achieved in 2011?

SID petition 192/2009 to European Parliament
Dear Colleagues,
On 8 September 2011, in the European Parliament in the Petitions Committee Michael Ashbrook, SID's president, with help from a number of MEPs defended the Petition 192/2009 against EPSO and European Commission's arguments. The Petitions Committee finally decided to send the case to the Legal Affairs Committee for further action.

The Legal Affairs Committee (JURI)(external link) together with the Council have the power to modify the Staff Regulations.

Here is the Webstreaming of that PETI Committee meeting(external link). Please see the discussion on this petition from minute 18:28:47 onwards.

We have received information that Commission is now proposing to change the Staff Regulations to permit Contractual Staff also to sit for Internal competitions.
"In Article 29 (Staff Regulations), the following subparagraph shall be added to paragraph 1:
'While maintaining the principle that the vast majority of officials shall be recruited on the basis of open competitions, the appointing authority may decide, by way of derogation from point (b), to hold a competition internal to the institution which shall also be open to as defined in Articles 3a and 3b of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union.'"

EU Public service uncut petition to the European Parliament
Commission has proposed to cut our Jobs, remunerations, pensions and medical costs etc. Please sign our petition 0847/2011 to European parliament to stop these over 2000 Job cuts. Reference: 1
9/12/2011 The over 2000 job cuts petition (847/2011) has now been accepted by the European Parliament as admissible.

List of SID candidates in Brussels election 2012

List of SID members in the Staff Committees in Luxembourg, in Brussels and outside the Union Local Staff Committee elections 2010-2015

Michael ASHBROOKTél.: 33567Elected Staff Representative to the Local Staff Committee in Luxembourg 2010-2013(external link)
Michael ASHBROOKTél.: 33567membre du jury de concours EPSO/AST/118/11 AST/3 dans le domaine de la gestion des projets et EPSO/AST/125
Angel SIMON DELGADOTél.: 36285He was a member of -Le comité paritaire de l'activité à temps partiel 2010-2012(external link)
Catharina TERLINGTél.: 44414Le CAS (Comité des Activités Sociales) 2010-2013(external link)
Reza FARDOOMTél: 44176Le comité de Classement 2010-2013(external link) and Le comité paritaire de l'activité à temps partiel 2012-2013(external link)
Reza FARDOOMTél: 44176membre titulaire du jury de concours EPSO/AST/126/12 AST/3 dans le domaine "6. Ingénierie électrique et électronique" 2013
Norbert ZILLIOXTél.: 34948Le Comité Paritaire d’Evaluation et Promotion(EVALUATION PROMOTION AD) 2010-2013(external link)
Isabella HEINETél: 33436Le Comité paritaire pour la procédure d'Attestation 2010-2013(external link)
Hannele KINNUNENTél:98891Elected Alternate Staff Representative to the Local Staff Committee in Brussels 2011-2014
Hannele KINNUNENTél:98891member of Central Staff Committee in Brussels 2011-2014
Jaime ROYO OLIDTél: *81186Elected Alternate Staff Representative to the Local Staff Committee for staff serving outside the Union - 2012-2015

SID candidates in SOLIDARITY RELOADED list in Luxembourg Local Staff Elections 2013

You can now follow us on TWITTER(external link) , our ID is sidtu .
Also please see our new Website

The Framework Agreement, the Treaty and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The rules of engagement between the European Commission and some trade unions who wish to receive certain priviledges from DG ADMIN in return for certain restrictions are defined in the document called the old Framework Agreement and its revised version in the new Framework agreement (also in English). Please see who signed the Kinnock Reform amongst the Trade Unions and in which order here.

For reference the EU Treaty(external link) and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights(external link) that SID holds very dear are found at the given addresses.

arrow Some of our photos from trade union and concertations meetings

Rules laying down the composition and operation of the Staff Committees, 23/12/1997

Brussel's Electoral Rules for the Local Staff Committee

We have obtained a copy of the local staff committee electoral rules for Brussels Staff of Commission.

Luxembourg's Electoral Rules for the Local Staff Committee

Here is also a copy of Commission's Luxembourg Local Staff Committee statute.

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