Original title: No More Automatic Firing of Contract Agents after Six Years
Summary title: Petition No 0178/2017 by Michael Ashbrook (German) on behalf of Non-permanent Staff Forum, bearing 108 signatures, on the implementation of non-discriminatory employment conditions and career prospects for the non-permanent employees and contractual agents at the European institutions
Petition number: 0178/2017

Why all of EU staff should support this Petition; bad conditions for the Contract Agents have already contributed to further cuts in 2014. Improving their status will help to stabilise ours.
Why all those who work for their money should support this Petition; making workers precarious is the most modern form of slavery. We must fight back before all of us are made into post-modern slaves.

The EP's Petitions Committee replies to 0178/2017

Stop Automatically Firing Contract Agents after 6 Years
How to officially support European Parliament Petition 0178/2017

Follow this link to read the text of the Petition;
Petition 0178/2017(external link).

This Petition is a serious matter because it proposes to change the Staff Regulation, which is a law of the European Union. All legal residents of the EU over 18 can, and should, give it their support.
In order to do so, you must first register with PETI, the EP's Petitions Committee; Register with the EP's Petitions Committee(external link).

If you have questions, you may find your answers here; Petitions FAQ(external link), Frequently asked Question # 17(external link), Frequently asked Question # 29(external link).

If you really cannot find your answer in the FAQ, you may have to send an email to the PETI Secretariat; .

            NPS and SID Manifesto


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
"Dans un temps d’imposture universelle, dire la vérité est un acte révolutionnaire.",

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for Internal and External Competitions

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29/06/2013 2004 Kinnock Deform, 2013 Šefčovič Deform, 2017 …?

29/06/2013 Lettre ouverte à Mme Ashton. QUEL FUTUR POUR LES DELEGATIONS DU SEAE ?

29/06/2013 Unfair Cuts to Travel Time

29/06/2013 Reforming the Promotion System until it Remains the Same

29/06/2013 Privatized Insecurity

29/06/2013 The Caste System is Reborn in Brussels

13/05/2013 Wondrous future career and employment implications for British Staff within the Institutions

28/04/2013 Challenging the New Staff Regulation in Court

28/04/2013 May 1st 2013; From Dictatorship to Democracy

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28/04/2013 Inside the Global Offshore Money Maze (external link)

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28/03/2013 Free Trade or Rough Trade Across the Atlantic?

28/03/2013 Offical Statistics on Salaries and Pensions(external link)

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28/03/2013 Delegation Contract Agents Demand Equal Treatment for Equal Work

28/03/2013 Former Contract Agents are Organizing

28/03/2013 Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

06/03/2013 15 Questions from EPSO Laureates

05/03/2013 Contract Agents to take Commission to Court

05/03/2013 Les fonctionnaires européens privés d'initiative européenne au Luxembourg(external link)

05/03/2013 Türkei: Mehr als 100 Angestellte des öffentlichen Dienstes festgenommen(external link)

05/03/2013 Turquie. Protestons contre l'arrestation de plus de 100 syndicalistes du secteur public !(external link)

05/03/2013 Turkey: More than 100 public sector unionists arrested(external link)

05/03/2013 March 8th; Hot Air and a Salary Cut

05/03/2013 A Plague of Plagiarism

05/03/2013 Thanks Nine Million

02/03/2013 Two systems of industrial democracy for the civil service

02/03/2013 To what extent do you think that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights has improved the EC equality provisions?

02/03/2013 Industrial Pre-democracy in the EC

02/03/2013 Sovereignty versus Integration in the Internal Market and the EMU

02/03/2013 Closer Cooperation in its Legal and Political Context; An Assessment

12/02/2013 MFF; Compromising the European Public Service

12/02/2013 27 Nasty Foreigners

12/02/2013 Water Belongs to Citizens, Not to Corporations CS(external link) DK(external link) DE(external link) EL(external link) EN(external link) ES(external link) FR(external link) IT(external link) NL(external link) RO(external link)

12/02/2013 Is the Commission Above its Law?

12/02/2013 Towards a European Educational Trust

14/12/2012 Dagmar Roth - Beherndt - "Mitgliedstaaten haben die Scheinheiligkeit gepachtet!"

14/12/2012 Roth-Behrendt dénonce l'hypocrisie des États membres

14/12/2012 Roth - Behrendt criticizes hypocrisy of member states

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13/7/2011 Why we are against the death penalty

13/7/2011 Funestes nouvelles de la Commission sur l'avenir de nos emplois

8/7/2011 No to cuts to EU employees' jobs, remunerations, pensions and medical care

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