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scandal in the 2012 promotion exercise


Scandal in the 2012 promotion exercise

The new promotion method debuted today 18.06.2012 with a big scandal.

A lot of colleagues did not find themselves on the list of staff proposed for promotion because apparently, according to Sysper2, they were missing one day of seniority, translated into 0.03 fractions of a year.

Example: 3.997 years of seniority –> no proposal for promotion

According to DIGIT and HR, this is because Sysper2 calculates the year from 1st of January to the next 1st of January, not the next 31st of December.

Let's make two things clear:

in the new method there is no guarantee and no obligation for promoting a certain individual based on seniority (or anything else). But there is an obligation to propose a person of a given seniority.

This obligation is circumvented with this one-day-less cheap trick.
The calculation algorithm is not new. But it did not matter in the past because the proposals and the promotions were based on points, not so much on seniority.

I don’t know how you find this, but to me it is disgusting.

· First, the calculation is simply wrong, a year starts on 01.01.x and ends on 31.12.x.

· Even if it was right (and it's not), you can't claim to be serious and refuse somebody a right (to be proposed for promotion) because of -0.03.

This is not human resources management - this is bean counting on steroids. And the beans get more respect.

Who did this to us? The Admin, of course. But the actual Joint Promotion Committee (composed of members nominated by the Local Staff Committee - LSC) was involved at each step of the process and undersigned the entire scandal.

So SID's advices to you all are:

1. To check out the composition of the current LSC and never, ever vote for these people again. I can understand carelessness and mismanagement from Admin, but these people were supposed to represent us and protect our interests.

2. Make a complaint or an appeal

HR claims you can only appeal if you were proposed but not promoted. You cannot appeal if you weren't proposed (according to them) and thus there is no Appeal button for the "almost" senior people.

But check out this note.

"Appeal phase
Within a time limit of five working days from the date of the publication of the draft list of officials proposed for promotion by each Directorate-General?, you can make an appeal to the Joint Promotion Committee of your function group, if you are eligible for a promotion (see "Who can be promoted?" above), but you have not been proposed.

You make an appeal via the Sysper2 promotion file."

And even if the appeal would not be acceptable (but it is), there is always the possibility of complaint: "Any person …may submit to the appointing authority a complaint against an act adversely affecting him, either where the said authority has taken a decision or where it has failed to adopt a measure prescribed by the Staff Regulations…" - Staff Regulation, Article 90(2).

So let's appeal or complain and let's see if they dare to maintain their position.

3. I would advise even those who were proposed for promotion to complain about the way their seniority is measured in Sysper2 – it makes no difference for their promotion this year, but it will make a whole year of difference for the next one.

S olidarity with those who work for their money
I ndependence from those who don't
D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of sane, adult humans

SID - Solidarity, Independence, Democracy is an independent Trade Union of all EU Institutions employees (Je souhaite adhérer au SID…)

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