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SID is an independent Trade Union of all EU institutions employees and an affiliate member of Amnesty International UK.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
"Dans un temps d’imposture universelle, dire la vérité est un acte révolutionnaire.",

Our tracts from 2007 until June 2008

arrow There are 8,532,610,224,499,130,000,000,000 to pick 27 candidates among a total of 212

arrow Highlights of SID platform

arrow SID candidates for Brussel Staff Committee election and their program

arrow SID Brussel's Staff Committee Election poster of May 2009

arrow ((SID News & Views for May 2009))

arrow Corporations versus Citizens -Profit before People

arrow Precarious Employment in the EU Institutions

arrow Precarious Employment in the EU Institutions

arrow testing123

arrow 29/4/2009 arrow: Swine influenza - Recommendations for travellers from Luxembourg Authorities

3/4/2009: Latest News on our Petition Against Discrimination in Internal Competitions on behalf of the Contractual Agents

Following our Petition Against Discrimination in Internal Competitions on behalf of the Contractual Agents, SID sent an email letter to the Petition Committee of European Parliament informing it of our petition and signatures received. As a result, European Parliament's Petition Committee sent back this receipt for our email of 20/2/2009. SID encourages our colleagues who have yet to sign this petition to continue signing it.

arrow ((SID News & Views for March 2009))

arrow UK State Pension Transfer Rights to the Commission scheme (20/2/2009)

arrow Certification: A system of selecting Apparatchiks versus honest competent AST officials (12/2/2009)arrow Certification Un système favorisant les apparatchiks au détriment des fonctionnaires AST véritablement compétents

arrow Étude sur le service offert par la cantine et propositions d’actions pour l’Ecole européenne de Bruxelles 1 -Uccle.

arrow Another burning crisis at the CPE Luxembourg

Petition for CAs
1 . Les nouveaux Concours Internes EPSO Discriminant les Agents Contractuels
2 . Petition contre la Discrimination dans le cadre des Concours Internes
3 . Petition Against Discrimination in Internal Competitions
4 . Contra a discriminação nas Competições Internas Petição endereçada a
5 . LE STATUT des AGENTS CONTRACTUELS EUROPEENS, Prof. Dr. Roger Blanpain,Professeur de droit social, 31/7/2007
6 . À l’heure actuelle il y a 521 signatures enregistrées par SID. Ce nombres comprend les signatures reçu par email au Syndicat SID. At this point in time SID has received 521 signed emails for this petition from our colleagues.

arrow Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

arrow Crucifixion and the CDR


arrow Unanswered questions to Mr Kallas

arrow ((Commission's Admin does its best to cope with the financial crisis))

arrow Décision contre le harcèlement moral et le harcèlement sexuel... du 26 avril 2006

Dalai Lama at the EP - European Fasting Thursday 4 December 2008 ((Jeûne de soutien pour S.S. le Dalaï Lama jeudi 4 déc 2008)) ((Digiuno di sostegno al Dalai Lama, 4-12-2008))

arrow Stop the EXECUTIONarrow Latest news on Farzad Kamangar as of today 27 November 2008arrow News regarding Mr Farzad Kamangar and others by Amirkabir university students, Tehran, Iran 27/10/2008arrow ((Sammanfattning av nyheter angående Kamangar gjord av studenter på universitetet i Amirkabir))Informations provenant des étudiants de L'Université Amirkabir de Téhéran et d'autres sources concernant M Farzad Kamangar.arrow A Letter from Farzad Kamangar (A Political Prisoner) dated 23 November 2007 translated by Ms Setareh Kavian

arrow E-vote or E-fraud? A contribution to the discussionarrow Système électronique de vote où de fraude ? Une contribution aux débats?

arrow SID News & Views for November 2008arrow SID News and Views for October 2008

arrow Dubious Kallas Certification processarrow Le douteux processus de certification de M. KALLAS

arrow SID's version of " Staff meeting with Joaquín Almunia and Walter Radermacher, the new Director-General of ESTAT, 16/9/2008"

arrow Please stop the disciplinary procedure against Serge Reynaud, the post office worker and trade unionist in Marseille 01 – Colbert arrow Serge Reynaud, le facteur menacer par les poursuites disciplinaires à Marseille 01 - Colbert

arrow Technology & submissionarrow Technologia & uległość

arrow Do you want to take the Red or the Blue pill?

arrow Open up the Source or – Will the real Commission please stand up, 4/9/2008L'accès libre au Code Source – la Commission va-t-elle le soutenir dans les faits ?

arrow Special edition SID Special Edition Summer 2008

arrow Is the end of lapidation in sight in iran?

arrow For the annual Report of the Secretary-General to the Board of Governors of the European Schools, January 2008, please see our European School's page

arrow SID Summer 2008 News and Viewsarrow SID News& Ansichten für den Sommer 2008arrow SID Actualités et Opinions pour l'été 2008

arrow The Holmquist Reformarrow arrow Le rapport Holmquist; D'où vient-il et où veut-il en venir ?

arrow Friday the 13th

arrow Commission's Local Workers and other Phantoms

arrow Background to the CENTENO case arrow L arriere plan du cas Centeno
arrow Flash Report of Appeal Hearing Centeno versus Commission in Court of Justice

Is Admin's Social Monologue even vaguely democratic?Le monologue Sociale de l'Administration serait-il vaguement démocratique ?

SID News&Views for June 2008 SID: Actualités et Opinions, Juin 2008SID Nachrichten und Ansichten Juni 2008

idea modifications du Code de la route applicables à partir du 1er avril 2008

Current English Entertainment in Luxembourg

Officials affected by the introduction of the AD9 grade

Support fair pay for Teachersarrow By signing this petition

Do-It-Yourself Democracy Behind Closed Doors

Demand immediate and unconditional release of the Iranian Transport Workers' president from jail - FREE OSANLOO

arrow 20/4/2008 RFID versus the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

arrow Draft Recommendation on the implementation of privacy, data protection and information security principles in applications supported by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Your opinion matters!

rolleyes 14/4/2008 Downgrading the Commission staff rolleyes 15/4/2008 Degradando al personal de la Comisiónrolleyes 16/4/2008 Dévaluation du personnel de la commission Zaniżanie stopni funkcyjnych pracowników Komisji (Europejskiej)

rolleyes Open Source or Bill Gates forever Choisir entre l'Open Source où Bill Gate ?

28/2/2008:biggrin We are glad that Central Staff Committee of European Commission has on 25/2/2008 sent a letter to Mr Chene, Director General of ADMIN, objecting to the generalisation of the use of RFID technology in Commission Staff cards as it has been established and applied in several DGs such as INFSO recently.

arrow Petition against lapidations in IranMore on the Petition against Lapidationconfused A CDR, az Ultimátum és a Referendumevil Histoire de l'égalité de Pension hommes-femmes confusedA Weak Anti-Harassment Policycool Faible politique anti harcèlement?

cool read our views on the new certification system 2008 evil No to Economic Cannibalism Yes to Social Democracy and Co-decision in the EU institutions. All about RFIDfrown Quality and other issues regarding EBneutral News from the Study center and kindergartenThe new Kallas CDR: Will it solve your promotion problems

frown Roadmap to equal pensions

cool other friendly trade union websitescool On Democracy and local Staff election results in Luxembourg 2007eek Corporations

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