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an email letter to the Petition Committee

Re.: Discrimination Against EU Contractual Agents

Dear Sirs,

Please review the situation of the Contractual Agents (CAs) who work in and for the European Institutions, especially regarding the procedure of internal competitions. Current Staff Regulations prohibit their participation in internal competitions.

We kindly ask you to intervene because this procedure is an unjustified discrimination between two groups of non-permanent personnel that are in the same situation, except for contractual conditions wilfully imposed by the employer.

CAs are considered external personnel as against Officials and Temporary Agents (TAs) who may advance their careers inside the EU Institutions without passing EPSO competitions. In reality, TAs and CAs do the same work in the same buildings.

The petition presented below was signed by 469 persons:
 Contractual Agents 336
 Officials 113
 Others 28

All signatures were collected by SID from 09/01/2009 to 14/02/2009.
This is a full text of the petition:

« Sadly, the principle of equal treatment for equal work is sometimes disregarded by the Commission in dealing with its own staff. This inconsistency between words and deeds casts a shadow of doubt over the construction of the European Union. For now, we will focus on the unjustified discriminations that surround internal competitions.

Internal competition COM/INT/EU10/08 discriminates against contractual agents in that it grants them fewer rights than other internal personnel (officials and temporary agents).

This competition discriminates against colleagues from EU15+2 member states in that it does not allow them to apply for posts for which they fulfil the criteria of language and experience.

Such malpractices fly in the face of Articles 20, 21, 31, 41 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

They make a mockery of the Anti Discrimination Directive and of many speeches made by high ranking representatives of the EU Institutions.

They violate the spirit, and very probably the letter, of various international conventions such as ILO Convention 111.

Based on these rights, we demand that

internal competitions should be open to all people working for the Institutions who fulfil the substantive requirements of the competition notice without discrimination based on the form of their employment contract or their nationality. The ongoing internal competition should be cancelled or amended. »

We would like bring your attention to the fact that during last 4 years one third of the newly established officials from EU-12 had begun their careers as TAs – 1200 out of circa 4000. The ongoing internal competition will cover up this malpractice by transforming most TAs into Assistants(ASTs) or Administrators(ADs) with jobs for life in a semi-automatic way, while the CAs face an uncertain future...

Temporary Agents are engaged by DG's panels under the control of Directorates General (DGs) and never have to pass an EPSO competition. Their tasks are very similar to those of Contractual Agents.

Because nobody comes to the EC with experience specific to her/his post, everybody must "learn" the EC from the beginning.

There must be something very wrong with a human resource management system that hires 1/3 of its intake without thoroughly verifying their qualifications while thousands of laureates who have passed the official competitions languish on reserve lists.

By a perverse pseudo-logic, the same system filters the CAs through competitions and then will not allow those who pass to attempt examinations at the next higher level.

Best Regards,
Michael Ashbrook
Secretary General
S olidarity with those who work for their money
I ndependence from the others
D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of
sane, adult humans
Phone 00352 691 31 99 71
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