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The WikiWitch ain't Dead
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The WikiWitch? ain't Dead

There are striking analogies between the persecution of Assange and the witch hunts of the sixteenth through eighteenth century.

First we have scapegoating; whatever is going badly wrong, burn some witches and feel good. In fact, burn some witches and feel like a new person. And the first thing the new person wants is the heart-warming glow of some burning witches. Some of our dear governments have gotten us into two no-win wars on the basis of a pack of lies. Now they are trying to lie their way back to peace and finding that it is a lot harder to climb up a slippery slope than to slide down.

In their anguish, they accuse WikiLeaks? of “endangering lives” by exposing bits of the truth. When asked to specify whether it is the life of, say PFC Jones or Sergeant Smith that has somehow been put at risk they mumble and waffle. Does anyone believe that a Taliban sniper consults WikiLeaks? on his iPod before pulling the trigger? Nonsense!

Of course it is most embarrassing that tax money from NATO member states is funding recreation programs for Mr Karzai's government troops. Some of that entertainment comes in the form of dancing boys dressed up as women. If everyone stuck to dancing and watching it would be good clean fun, but we all know what goes on upstairs in the, shall we say, clubs? Do you seriously believe that all of the girly boys escape HIV? Of course our politicians hate WikiLeaks? for exposing their role as co-financers paedophile troop Entertainment.

When politicians make hysterical, unfounded accusations like those against WikiLeaks? there is something going on. Where there's a smokescreen, there's an arsonist.

Another commonality between the WikiLeaks? hunt and that for witches is the use of sinister sexual imagery against the accused.

Until at least the early twentieth century the rules of evidence in rape trials were so strict that white male rapists had little to worry about. Meanwhile, the pendulum has swung over to the other extreme. To understand, please imagine that you are a man on trial for rape of a woman, especially under the kind of legislation that makes inappropriate forms of psychological pressure a felony. How can you defend yourself? Well, character witnesses won't save you. Even if you can get dozens of gay men to testify that you have been their darling in the tearoom, you are not off the hook by any means. What about forensic evidence? Forget it, the absence of any sign of violence only shows that you are the more perfidious mental kind of rapist. That is why a signed statement of consent by your accuser will also be of very limited use. Suppose you're a voyeur who got the whole thing on DVD. Same problem, plus you go to jail for the violation of privacy. What about medical certificate proving that you are absolutely impotent? Can you prove that you did not take Viagra?

The trial boils down to the court hearing two very different versions of what happened told by the two only witnesses and trying to filter the truth out. Dr. Ekman ( )is the first to insist that current deceit detection techniques are at the very best 90% accurate, leaving the court with at least 10% guesswork to do in deciding who goes to jail for how long. This represents substantial progress over the days of the torture chamber, but our journey is not over yet.

True; for each partially or totally innocent man in jail several real rapists walk the streets unmolested. But those who play fast and loose with the right to a fair trial will have to look elsewhere for support. There are no derogations to that principle in the Charter of Fundamental Rights in Articles 47 – 49 ( ). A moment's reflection shows that being casual about punishing innocent men will only make the problem of rape worse.

Let us look at the facts. Researchers have found between 2% and 41% of the rape accusations doubtful, with several reputable sources giving 8% as their best estimate. Even if it could be proven somehow that “only” 0.8% of the accusations are unfounded, the presumption of innocence at the beginning of a rape trial would stand solidly.

Posthumously the slander against Michael Jackson ( ) is falling apart like a house of cards in a hurricane. Some of the accusations have been withdrawn and we are left with a sleazy e documentary maker and prosecution team that displayed the mentality of the bloodhounds that used to chase fugitive slaves. Don't let it happen to Assange!

Woody Allen ( ) did a lot better than the Moonwalker because he applied his New York City street smarts to beating the heat that his dear ex put on him. Ms Farrow's anger at being abandoned after a long marriage is only human, but I would respect her more if she had expressed it with her fists, or even a baseball bat.

So where does all that leave us. Well, our societies have made a great deal of progress since the days of the old fashioned witch hunt but we need to more still. One serious problem, all-round, is rape. Governments have their role to play, but it is a huge mistake to just Gump all of society's problems at their doorstep.

Meanwhile, the rape charges have been dropped ( ) leaving only "sexual molestation" like an unpleasant aftertaste. We see the prosecutor ( ) on her way to catch up with Friedrich Spee ( ). Of course, some of the major credit card corporations continue to boycott WikiLeaks?.

We who work inside the EU Institutions stand to gain from independent information sources, be it the famous or the much more modest Remember their motto; "We help you safely get the truth out."

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