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What to do

Financial crisis
What to Do

by Michael Ashbrook

It really makes almost no difference, whether state or corporate bureaucrats mismanage our world economy. What will make a huge, a revolutionary, difference is when all humans get a share of democratic decision making power over the work they do and the money that they save.

Let's be realistic enough to demand what still seems impossible to 95%+;
• Confiscate all individual income above X thousand EUROs

• Confiscate the part of private fortunes that exceeds Y million EUROs

• Place an upper limit on all loans to natural and legal persons to Z times the taxable income that they declared in the year preceding the loan application

• Give even the smallest investors the right to participate in the decisions of their bank via the www

• Full co-decision rights for people who work in the financial and media industries (and for everyone else, of course)

If you have read up to this point, you have already taken the first, most difficult step; you have begun to think what the 2% consider unthinkable, you are escaping from their mental prison. Every worker who thinks for her/himself is a serious threat to the system because words and actions will follow soon enough.

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