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What Contract Agents Can Do in 2011

What Contract Agents Can Do in 2011

What Contract Agents Can Do in 2011

Like the Egyptians and other Arabs, the Contract Agents are becoming radicalized as their oppression continues. Their collective has collected at least 4.500 signatures for its petition. A reasonable sum of money has also accumulated along the way.

In the meantime SJE developed a reasoned legal opinion showing that the anti-CA discrimination practiced by our bosses is illegal under EU law (in English , in French). If all other appeals to reason and fairness continue to fall on deaf ears at the top of the Berlymont building, it will become necessary to launch a challenge in the Court of Justice. By now the movement among CAs and other concerned Europeans is strong enough to take the first steps in that direction. Under what conditions and when that happens is for the CAs to decide. SID's advice; there is no need to rush in just because the odds for a judicial victory are favourable, but to rule out a law suit once and for all would be going to the other extreme because too much patience is just as dangerous as too little. The bosses would not take seriously a group of people who openly declare that they will not attack a law that is both unethical and illegal. So please keep up the pressure. They deserve it.

There is another encouraging development to report to the General Assembly. Several CAs have begun to actively lobby the 70 members and alternates of the European Parliament's Petitions Committee. They are using the request to transfer (Petition 192(2009) to the Judicial Affairs Committee as their vehicle. Recall that, together with the Council of Ministers, that Parliamentary Committee writes and rewrites our Staff Regulations. Of course the Petitions Committee cannot and will not force Judicial Affairs to give Contract Agents access to internal competitions on a fair and equal basis with Temporary Agents, but their approval is a step. More than that; those of us who have contacted MEPs about 192(2009) know that very few of them are aware of how unfair our regulations are. Every email, phone call, personal visit spreads the sad truth further. If not just the 70 members of one Committee but all the 736 of the whole Parliament have had direct contacts with the victims of unfair Staff Regulations, we may not need to go to the Court of Justice any more. There might be quite a majority for bringing our Staff Regulations back into line with European law. It is always good for a society when the law makers communicate with those who must live with their legislation.

Please contact the Collective of Contract Agents or SID itself if you are ready to talk to the EP.

And do come to the General Assemble
in Brussels
in Luxembourg .

The last few evenings of TV news have shown how to get rid of thugs that have abused whole countries for decades. The challenge posed by the illegal Article 29 b is tiny in comparison. The way to show respect for the Egyptian revolution is to learn from it.

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