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UK State Pension Transfer Rights to the Commission scheme

The following information comes from a colleague with no affiliation to SID.

UK State Pension Transfer Rights

Another case of discrimination against Commission personnel by our Administration

On 1/6/2007, UK Regulation 2007/1398 regarding the transfer of UK state pension Rights of Officials and other servants of EU institutions to the European Community Pension Scheme (PESC) came into force.

Each EU institution seems to have implemented this Regulation differently to others. European Parliament implemented it in a manner more beneficial to its UK personnel than did European Commission.

UK Officials and other servants of European Commission who were employed prior to the Reform and did not manage to transfer their state pensions due to the then non-existent Regulation between UK and the EU institutions, now face discrimination through the application of unfavourable pension transfer rules put in place by the Administration through its interpretation of UK Regulation 2007/1398. And this is due to no fault of the UK personnel.

One colleague in the IntraComm/Your letters states: " of the most disconcerting things that I find with this whole sorry saga on the UK pensions transfer is that despite all the fine words from the "reform" about providing a more staff-centred culture in the Commission (flexitime, (pa) maternity leave, part-time working etc), the administration ALWAYS seems to opt for the cheapest solution without any thought of support to the staff.

It was ever thus!! To cap it all this, the Commission has provided specific provisions to allow “older” staff to leave early … the current approach to the pensions transfer issue (which would facilitate early retirement also) is totally inconsistent!

The contrast with the approach of the EP is marked!!..."

Another colleague in the same forum states: "...The fact of the matter is that there is no sense in staff transferring state pensions now, under poorer conditions, if they deliberately and knowingly gave up that chance when the conditions were considerably better.

In some cases, it appears that, for "old" staff, the number of transferable years could be 80% less than what they would have been if they had been transferred under the old rules.

The new rules, while treating newly recruited staff in a fair manner, do not do so for longer-established officials..."

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