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To need a TOKEN or not to need a TOKEN, that is the question


To need a TOKEN or not to need a TOKEN, that is the question

DIGIT insists that the use of the https protocol together with the ECAS Userid and Password is completely safe and secure, when it comes to the e-Voting System (EVS).

SID disagrees.

We feel that an additional layer of physical security is required. For example, a unique PIN code issued to each official, a card reader device attached to each PC or a TOKEN.

What is a TOKEN?

This is the device which DIGIT gives out to those members of staff who Telework, to enable them to connect to the Commission's Network from outside with Full Remote Access via a VPN connection.

SID would like to address the folowing questions to DIGIT:

- If the e-Voting System is completely safe and secure without the need to use a TOKEN, why can't teleworkers connect simply using their ECAS Userid and password and a https protocol connection?

- If the Full Remote Access, requires a TOKEN because the https protocol connection together with the ECAS Userid and password is not sufficiently secure, then why is this additional level of security NOT required for the e-Voting System?

This almost prompt's the question, does DIGIT's left-hand know what its right-hand is doing or vice versa?

Signed concerned SIDizen

S olidarity with those who work for their money
I ndependence from those who don't
D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of sane, adult humans

SID - Solidarity, Independence, Democracy is an independent Trade Union of all EU Institutions employees (Je souhaite adhérer au SID…)

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