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There are 8,532,610,224,499,130,000,000,000 to pick 27 candidates among a total of 212

Reading over the Brussels campaign promises some people might wish that they had 212 votes, at least.

Then they could vote for all of these promising candidates.

Let's get personal for a moment.

What would I do with the 27 votes?

Well, I would need to start cutting down my wish list. Top of my own no vote list is the US (List 6) because they signed off on the Kinnock Reform and continue to say that theirs was the best choice at the time (see reminder here.

Before the last Brussels elections it came to light that SFIE and the Belgian "Mouvement Réformateur" (MR) are linked. Considering that the MR is a liberal party that promises tax cuts (= budget cuts) and that I am paid out of the budget, I guess I could go on living without voting for SFIE (List 3).

Unless I was sure that all of the candidates on one particular List were 100% trustworthy I would probably spread my 27 votes around in order to maximize the odds of supporting some good people.

U4U (List 2) and SID (List 9) are new.

Comparing the programs of U4U and SID shows quite a bit of common ground.

If SID had been invited by U4U, it could and would have run its candidates on List 2.

But the first time we heard about U4U was after the deadline for submitting candidate lists had run out, so there was little choice left.

Voters in Brussels have no real problem this mix-up because the rules allow them to vote for the candidates on the two new lists and for another four.

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