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The Politics of Inequality

The Politics of Inequality

There is plenty of ethical criticism of the 2% and quite a few of them have been convicted of felonies (See 1).

Although the present domination of 2% over 98% has been brought about by questionable methods, it is now half-legitimate because 95+% of us have come to accept it.

We 98% can be subdivided into four categories. The largest is that of the "Apathetic" who do no more than grumble as they choke down the crumbs that fall from the tables of the wealthy. The second largest category could be called "Conservative"; its members actively support the 2% by voting for the likes of Bush, Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi etc ad nauseaum.

These people suffer from the Stockholm syndrome (see 2 ); their strategy seems to be to put more bread on the tables of the 2% and then hope to lick more crumbs off the floor.

The second smallest category is that of the "Reformists"; they work to alleviate the suffering caused by the 2% but ultimately refuse acknowledge the obvious; in democratic societies 2% of the people should have 2% of the wealth/power and that 98% should have the rest.

Their strategy is to talk the 2% into going on a diet, leaving say 5% or even 10% of the crumbs to the 98%.

The smallest group, probably less numerous than the lucky 2%, might be called the "Revolutionary Wannabees" who are willing to put the 2% back in their proper place.

Their utopia has farmers, millers and bakers in control of the bread industry and no one eating crumbs off the floor anymore. Naturally, those who make extraordinary contributions to the bread industry would get some extra slices while those who refuse to do any work at all would be put on a survival + 10% ration.

But they can take no direct large scale action, at least for the next few decades, because the Apathetic, the Conservative and the Reformist together command the loyal support of 95+% so that any attempt to take power away from the "elite" can end only in massacre and tyranny.

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