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The METHOD, what would it look like on 1/1/2013?


The METHOD , what would it look like on 1/1/2013?

The current contract with our employer for remuneration is called the METHOD. This contract ends on 31/12/2012. A new contract needs to be drawn up to guarantee our continued level of pay and benefits.

The latest report from DG HR, Human Resources Report 2010, in section 2.2.1 states: “…Increased pressure on resources comes from the Budgetary Authority, who has recalled on many occasions the common objective of reducing bureaucracy and the parallel efforts of the Member States, stressed the need to monitor the effectiveness of EU Institutions with a view to achieving greater administrative efficiency and underlined the importance of redeployment and reorganisation…”.

In a nutshell, the Budgetary Authority (Council & European parliament) considers that we are too bureaucratic, inefficient and must do more work for our pay and benefits. And in coming to this conclusion, it provides no evidence aside its own judgement. It completely forgets the enlargement to 27 Member States and the work that has entailed so far.

The Budgetary Authority considers it unimportant that it broke its own rules of the METHOD regarding our pay in December 2009.

Please do not forget the efforts of the Finnish presidency in 2006 to cut 1700 jobs in the Commission and 300 in other institutions, just because some politicians felt that figure is about Right!

The same politicians have been looking around to find where they can find some pots of Gold to take away from us. One place that comes to mind is the pot of money we and the pensioners have been saving for our Medical cares. In 2006, this pot had loads of money in it.

However, behold, in 2010 it is said it is in deficit! And, this is while even in 2006 the personnel representatives had already expressed doubts about the mal-accounting of this pot of money (please see chapter 9 of the avis 44/2006).

Why is it that the accounting books of JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme) could not be balanced to the satisfaction of personnel representatives in 2006? What about it now?

Was it because of this reason that Commission after agreeing to the avis 44/2006 in 2006 then in spring 2007 refused to honour that agreement. And it forced a new "Concertaion" with the so called Trade Unions to agree to a worst and degrading agreement lowering the payment ceilings on many medical items including eye and bone treatments? (Reference: point 13 in the article)

Why did the Trade Unions finally agree to that deal?

Why would not the CGAM (Comité de Gestion d'Assurance Maladie) ask a trust worthy independent accounting firm to verify these accounts?

Why make life difficult for the personnel when confronted with National Health care systems?

And, why is it that nowadays no one receives a "Sickness Insurance Carnet/Libretto di Assicuranzione Malattia" as was possible years ago back in 1996?

Why are there so much confusion in the system?

To whose benefit is this?

SID does not think the personnel is benefiting from this confusion. And certainly not those who have to go to an Italian public health hospital without a "Libretto di Assicuranzione Malattia" just to find out that they must go to a private clinique instead.

Now, will we be able to keep our level of salaries, pensions, medical care and other benefits or are we going to loose a big chunk of it come spring of 2013?

Well, is it important to get bogged down in a fight to achieve one or two extra points in a buggy CDR system in the hope of achieving a promotion that may give us at best 5-10% extra salary and forget about the METHOD that may reduce our salary by a considerable sum ?

Is this not unlike a house that is on fire in every room but its inhabitants philosophize and plan to save the corner of living room ignoring that the roof is about to collapse on top of them ?

This strategy seems to sum up the bulk of our various trade union movements’ policies here in the institutions. Alas, SID thinks this is doomed to be a failiure and is in the detriment of the personnel's interests.

Ask yourself, why is it that certain trade unions do not dare to ask the essential questions?

Could it have something to do with the personal interests of a small group who benefit from "détachement" from DGs' works, having access to paid secretaries, big offices that normally they can normally only dream about, missions to various locations in the EU at their will?

Should personnel's Rights be stepped over because of a small groups' greed?

There needs to be a clause in the new Method that guaranties EU salaries to always respect national minimum income legislations. It is scandalous that there are people here working for the EU institutions earning less than the minimum wage of the country they work in.

If you believe as we do that you are being wronged then it is perhaps that golden moment in your life to join SID and support our movement.

Reza Fardoom
S olidarity with those who work for their money
I ndependence from those who don't
D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of sane, adult humans

SID - Solidarity, Independence, Democracy is an independent Trade Union of all EU Institutions employees (Je souhaite adhérer au SID…)

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