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The Grand Duke giveth and the Commission taketh, praised be the Commission

Education Allowance

The Grand Duke giveth and the Commission taketh, praised be the Commission

The EU Commission on its website for the general public advocates: “Higher education plays an essential role in society, creating new knowledge, transferring it to students and fostering innovation.”

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If the European Commission believes in the above assertion it would not put obstacles on the path of children of officials, especially the ones at the AST level who require all the help they can get to pursue their university educations.

One recent revelation of the hazards of the Kinnock Reform has caught our attention. The General Implementing Provisions of Article 3 to annex VII of the Staff Regulations since 7/4/2004 at its article 7 stipulates that "The official shall declare any similar allowances received from another source and shall notify any change of circumstance which could give rise to the cessation or reduction of education allowance A or B.".

A colleague has brought to our attention that she has been told to pay back the incentive grant that the Luxembourg authorities has offered her son for having completed successfully his Baccalaureate studies and having been able to be admitted to a university for further studies.

Well, the Luxembourg authorities understand that encouraging youngsters to succeed in their university education is good for Europe. Bad ideas flourish because they are in the interest of powerful groups.

Some argue that dumbing down the society is good for the powerful elite.
As a result, an AST parent is required to pay back over €600 for her son having successfully completed his Baccalaureate studies and having been awarded a conditional university Grant for the year from the Luxembourg authorities, where the youngster must have succeeded first before being awarded this Grant.

However, Nomenklatura and Apparatchik-infested Commission has long fallen into accepting “doublethink” as its way of life. It has decided to punish this young student by taking the money back from his mother, thus effectively sending the message to all children of officials that good university education is bad for their pockets.

These same people have been content to subsidize the production of agricultural surpluses for over half a century. Where the subsidies went for plant based foods the victims were the European taxpayers and consumers, the environment, family farmers in the Third World who were driven off the land and into the slums through subsidized exports. All of these suffered under the subsidies for animal based foods as well.

Most importantly, perhaps, there was one more group of victims; the animals themselves who were put through much needless suffering from the moment of hatching/birth through a lifetime of confinement under the conditions of industrialized agriculture, on to cruel transports of hundreds and often thousands of kilometres across the continent, only to meet their death.

It is very unsettling to consider how many billions the EU has spent on weakening the European economy, damaging the environment and promoting cruelty to animals all through ill conceived interventions into the food market. After all of that waste, they go and confiscate 600 EUROs that a Member State granted as an aid to education. It is a challenge to write about this without lapsing into rude language.

The Commission has applied the above mentioned article in conjunction with Article 85 of Staff Regulations to recover that amount from the afore-mentioned Official (parent of the student).

How would the Commission try to reconcile with its message on its website with the stingy way in which it confiscates what the Grand Duchy generously gives. Once again, we see that this policy is completely in line with its so called “Certification policy” where higher education is always considered second place.

Reza Fardoom

S olidarity with those who work for their money
I ndependence from those who don't
D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of sane, adult humans

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