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Thanks Five Million 01

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Thanks Five Million

Well, here we are again with another million page-views.

Considering our lack of money and of conventional political power, we are definitely punching above our weight. How does SID do it?

Sheer quality is part of the answer. We used the free version of to compare this to the websites of other unions at the European Commission. Summary of the results obtained; our esteemed competitors reached our scores at best, but could never beat us. Some of their scores were so far below SID's result that we decided to keep the comparison anonymous. Intrigued, we compared our website to that of a very successful Directorate General of the Commission; same result.

Here are the anonymous scores in more detail, with SID's score always in left-most column;

SID compared to a certain big DG

SID compared with two other unions

SID compared with two more unions

one more flattering comparison.

Most of our millions of readers find us via search engines. Our multilinguism helps to attract them. Another important factor is that our pages are densely interlinked with one another and with other websites. These are things that search engines find attractive.

Beyond these technical considerations there is the human element. There are plenty of other websites devoted to criticizing the Commission, but they do so from the lower right; they reek of arrogant neo-conservatism and reckless national-chauvinism. SID's criticism comes from the lower left; we warn our colleagues and the world about anti-worker policies that are being hatched like baby crocodiles.

Fortunately, even the Commission gets it right from time to time (hey, nobody is perfect). If we manage to grow, we will be publishing more good news from Brussels like this item.

Finally, in one of Europe's darkest hours, our mix of under-reported facts, critical analysis and black humour fits the Zeitgeist.

Thank you, dear reader(s)!

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