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Swine Flu Vaccine – To get the Jab or not?

Swine Flu Vaccine – To get the Jab or not?

The European Commission and several Member State Governments are pushing ahead with plans to institute H1N1 vaccination programs.

However, in recent months, there have been several articles in the Media pointing out some disturbing facts in relation to these types of vaccines.

- In Ireland, the Health Service Executive (HSE) is ordering batches of a vaccine which incorporates a Mercury-based preservative (Thimerosal). This same Vaccine is being made available in two forms in the USA, one with Thimerosal, the other without. The Thimerosal-free doses are aimed at pregnant women and children under the age of 6.

- Some states in the USA are suspending limits on Mercury in medications, in spite of the body of scientific evidence proving that mercury is toxic. The USA Cure Autism Now group in 2001 called for the removal of Thimerosal from vaccines, due to a possible increased risk of autism and other brain development disorders.

- In Australia, the Australian Vaccination Network says that more testing of the swine flu vaccine needs to be done before being administered to the General Public. They believe that the vaccine could prove more dangerous than the disease itself.

- Dr Richard Halvorsen author of The Truth About Vaccines, in an article in the Daily Mail in England last week, following the death of a school girl who died hours after receiving an anti-cervical cancer injection, states: "What this all means is that we have to be more careful about vaccines. Colluding with the pharmaceutical giants, the Government has become far too cavalier about their use, promoting them as a risk-free solution to all sorts of medical conditions, no matter how low the incidence.It has been madness, for example, to talk of vaccinating the entire population against swine flu, when the number of deaths from this illness is tiny compared to the annual toll for ordinary flu.
Vaccines cannot be used to build some medically controlled utopia, in which all disease has been banished. Indeed, the attempt to do may end up undermining the health of future generations"

Dr Halvorsen continues: "As a doctor, I have been concerned for some time about this issue. I should stress that I am not in any way opposed to vaccinations. Indeed I run an immunisation clinic which offers a wide range of vaccines as a protection against various diseases. But I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of any debate either about long-term vaccine safety or about the excessive influence of commercial interests."

So what should the Authorities, including the European Commission, be doing? They should be putting out all the available information about the pros- and cons- of these Swine Flu Vaccines, so that it is easy for everyone to find, and understand, so people can make informed decisions.

In addition, in internal publications like Commission en Direct, both sides of the story need to be debated in a transparent form, rather than perhaps just being a messenger for the powerful Pharmaceutical Industry.

Gerard Hanney-Labastille

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