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A communication of 587 colleagues about possible principles and proposals for the reform of the Staff Regulations Part II
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A communication of 587 colleagues about possible principles and proposals for the reform of the Staff Regulations Part II

and Commissioner for Inter-institutional Relations
and Administration.
European Commission

Brussels, 5th September 20d01bd09e7b2db26632c2121b344e2f1c

Dear Vice-President?, Commissioner Šefčovič,

On 13th July we, as a group of officials recruited after the 2004 Reform, plus supporting colleagues, addressed to you a first letter (now with more than 470 signatories), reflecting our initial concerns about the announcement of a new Reform of the Staff Regulations. Taking stock of the current state of human resources management practices, and of the requests of the colleagues signing that first letter, we have further elaborated four principles that could help to frame a constructive discussion of the Reform project.

A. The staff is an asset to be motivated
In the announcement of the reform we, staff of the EU Civil Service (EUCS), are presented as a cost.
We rather see ourselves as an essential asset of the EU, selected through highly demanding
competitions. We bring to our Institutions, day after day, an enormous collective amount of
professionalism, experience, linguistic skills, multiculturality and multinationality, matched by few other public services in the world. We ensure the independence and political neutrality of the EUCS, and its continuity of operations, enabling it to respond to long-term global challenges. Motivation is essential for a highly-skilled workforce providing intellectual output; should it be eroded, the negative consequences could substantially outweigh the projected savings. Motivation depends crucially on the trust in the long-term stability of our working conditions. It requires recognition of the fact that being separated from our own families, friends and hometowns we pay a price, both tangible and intangible, for joining the European project. After the deteriorated conditions imposed by the 2004 Reform on all staff recruited after 1/05/2004, the prospect of yet another cut-down of unknown impact is worrisome. The ongoing discussions point towards a reversal of firmly established policies (e.g. life-work equilibrium, geographical balance of the staff). We now seem to be heading
towards recurring reforms of our working conditions at the beginning of every new financial period. Another major uncertainty is related to the future of our pension scheme. Its liability, i.e. the amount owed by the Member States to the scheme, was evaluated to be €37 billion at the end of 202d7129f3f889e28d8ff10761551791e7. Current European financial circumstances could call into question some Member States’ ability to honour pension arrangements. Moreover, the impact of the proposed 5% reduction in staff numbers on the sustainability of the pension scheme has not been publicly discussed. Uncertainty on the future work conditions of the EUCS staff keeps rising. Will the EU be able to attract and retain the best talents in the future?

B. The existing division must be corrected
The 2004 reform of the Staff Regulations has de facto led to a separation of the European Civil Service into two career paths. This has been recognised by the Court of Justice and by the recent Report of the Commission COM(20d01bd09e7b2db26632c2121b344e2f1c) 171 final of 30.3.20d01bd09e7b2db26632c2121b344e2f1c. As a result, equal work (responsibilities, duties) for unequal pay has become a widespread perception within the EUCS, when post-2004 officials compare themselves with their pre-2004 colleagues. Both officials and non permanent staff (temporary agents, contractual agents and interimaires) are affected by this demotivating feeling, which impairs competition among staff for internal positions, and damages the climate of our working environment. Long-term good functioning of the Institutions depends on correcting this division. It is not only a financial matter (see section D below) but also a matter of career opportunities: access to management
positions is significantly delayed for post-2004 employees. The “faster careers” promised as a
compensation are not materializing; actual post-2004 careers appear to be slower than established by the 2004 Staff Regulations.
Degraded retirement conditions add to this growing divergence. If the demographic evolution requires a delay in the retirement age, then it is fair to ask that any intended changes to this and to any other retirement conditions are equally applied to all the EUCS without exceptions. Moreover, guarantees must be obtained from the Member States on the clear long-term sustainability of our pension scheme so that active staff benefit from the same certainty about their pensions as their predecessors who have already retired.

C. All roles are important
Many highly qualified AST colleagues are de facto covering AD tasks and duties. Thus upward mobility must be improved from the AST towards the AD career, intensifying recent improvements to the certification procedure. New AD staff selected through external competitions should be joined by a significant amount of equally qualified internal talent, already knowledgeable about the Institutions. Colleagues who work as non-permanent staff are also highly valuable. To grant them reasonable midterm career perspectives, provided that they demonstrate their value, would improve their contribution to the European Institutions. Moreover, their post-EU career arrangements should be facilitated. When new officials have already matured working experience within the European Institutions under a non-permanent status, this experience should be taken into account for their initial grading, since the
Institutions benefit directly and significantly from it.

D. Let us learn the lessons from the 2004 Reform
The post-2004 officials have already paid a huge price: their salaries and pensions are the source of the declared ‘savings of the 2004 Reform’. In some cases, the amount is lower by circa –30%, computed life-long. Any new reform should not hit again those who have already borne the cost of the previous reform; especially people hired as AST1 and AD5, again affected by the current proposals. Any future reform project should distribute the impact, helping other measures designed to limit existing imbalances (see section B above).
Conditions of full equality and solidarity must be ensured to highly qualified professionals from all over the EU, in order to keep the European Career sufficiently attractive. Newcomers, including those arriving from future Member States of the Union, cannot be treated differently from established officials. Since no theoretical analysis can fully predict the consequences of the reform of a complex organisation like the EU institutions, monitoring tools should be established to follow closely and publicly its impact on the staff, with the aim of steering reform towards its intended objectives. We think that the four major principles highlighted reflect the long-term interest of European Institutions, that they are realistic, and that they can generate a wide and valuable consensus. To ignore them for the sake of short-term goals would be a disservice to the European Union in the long run, so as to the Member States themselves, given the model role that the European Institutions often play within the EU. In order to use these principles as guidance for a constructive discussion towards our shared goal of improved effectiveness and efficiency, we have started to translate them into a table with specific proposals, annexed to this letter. Being aware that your services are interacting with all stakeholders, aiming to build the widest possible
consensus for a reform, we intend to provide them with these ideas. Please rest assured of our loyal contribution and of our willingness to contribute to your endeavour. Respectfully yours,
(please see in Annex enclosed list of 587 signatories, in 12 pages) Copies: President and Members of the Collège of Commissioners

A first set of fifteen proposals deploying these principles

Principle Proposals Brief justification

1 Conduct an independent impact assessment of the Reform project from the
viewpoint of human capital management and equal treatment of the EUCS staff.
• Motivation of a highly vocational workforce, regularly engaged
in tight-deadline conceptual work about delicate dossiers.
2 Maintain the current level of flexibility to support the established EU policies about balance of professional career and private life.
Since current proposals announce an increase of the hours of compulsory presence in the office, we ask that the Reform Project details (for this and other curtailing measures) what alternative tools for flexibility will be implemented if the proposal is kept.
• Many colleagues are working in the office well beyond 37,5 h per week (not counting missions and work at home), whenever it is required. Their generous motivation should not be discouraged. • Respect of established flexitime policies. • Continuity of EU strategic human resources’ policies.
3 Provide adequate recognition of the travel and communication needs of EUCS staff required to maintain contact with their societies of origin.
Since current proposals announce a cap to the number of leave days granted for this end, we ask that the Reform
Project details (for this and other curtailing measures) what alternative ways of recognition will be implemented if the proposal is kept.
• Ensure equal treatment of officials whose hometown is far away from Brussels, and of cases where air travel is not appropriate. All officials have a right to maintain their roots.
• Ensure long-term equal participation of all Member States in the EUCS staff.

A EUCS Staff are valuable assets to be motivated
4 Develop the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral part of the
human resources policy of the Institutions.
The rules should promote officials’ social activity and direct contact with citizens outside working hours (e.g.
voluntary work during a leave for a development/humanitarian/environmental protection/social project.)
• To bring a double dividend of motivated staff and social recognition for the European Institutions.
5 Open a specific social dialogue for improving the convergence within the EUCS, in order to identify and implement specific corrective measures.
Measures could include, but not be limited to, (i) internal competitions, (ii) temporary adaptation of promotion
thresholds, and (iii) re-grading processes, among others. In any case, their effect should be carefully monitored in
order to verify that the real convergence goals are being attained.
• Improved long-term dignity, team spirit and business climate for all the European Institutions.
• Prepare the EUCS to transition smoothly, ensuring management continuity, when a significant part of the current generation of medium-high AD grades (AD12-AD13) approaches retirement (around 2020).
6 Guarantee the respect of promotion rates established by the 2004 Staff Regulations.
Since on average they have not been respected for the period 2004-202d7129f3f889e28d8ff10761551791e7, we ask that the Reform Project identifies
with detail the gap and specifies the corrective measures need to bring the Institutions to a situation equivalent to that which would have resulted from a regular application of the rates established by the 2004 Staff Regulations.
• Respect of EU law
• Motivation of EUCS staff
7 Review the eligibility grades for junior & middle management positions, setting:
at AD8 grade (plus 4 years of AD experience) the eligibility for Head of Unit;
at AD7 grade (plus 2 years of AD experience) the eligibility for Deputy Head of Unit and Head of Sector.
Additionally, ensure absolute publicity and transparency of internal selection processes for junior and middle
management positions, including selection deliberations.
• Recognise and tap, without cost for the Institutions, the vast existing reserves of management talent and experience brought in by the 2004 Reform for grades currently under AD9.
• Unblock personal careers artificially deprived of chances to succeed by the recruitment conditions imposed ex post, contradicting competition notices and reserve list definition.

B The existing EUCS division must be corrected
8 Ensure the sustainability of the Pension Scheme of EU Officials.
Make available to all EU staff clear and transparent data and projections on the future of the pension scheme.
Evaluate the impact on the scheme of the 5% reduction in staff numbers proposed in the financial perspectives.
Guarantees must be given that, from the entry into force of the new reform on, contributions to the pension scheme, both those of the staff and those of the Member States, are paid to a well-identified budget line, in line with the spirit of a defined benefit pension scheme.
• There is currently a €37 billion liability on the part of the Member States to the EU pension scheme. The future of this scheme has become increasingly uncertain as the liability has increased, thereby putting currently active staff –specially post- 2004 staff– at a disadvantage compared to their predecessors, who have enjoyed a secure pension scheme. The Reform provides an opportunity to resolve this uncertainty before it becomes critical.
Principle Proposals Brief justification
9 Enhance both transparency and capacity of the current certification procedure.
Currently, candidates do not always perceive that access criteria and development of the certification procedure do
ensure equal opportunities. Periodical internal competitions should be used, open to all qualified AST officials of the Institution, to identify under objective criteria the best candidates.
• Ensure that a significant proportion of properly qualified AST officials can progress to the AD career under fair, transparent conditions.
2d7129f3f889e28d8ff10761551791e7 Increase the flexibility of rules for hiring non-permanent staff to ensure that
specialised expertise and accumulated knowledge is used with increased efficiency.
(e.g. experts with high-value know-how could work for the EUCS up to 2d7129f3f889e28d8ff10761551791e7 years)
• Improve operational capability of the Institutions and efficiency of non-permanent staff.
• Save time and money spent on selection procedures, reducing the impact of both learning and exit periods.
d01bd09e7b2db26632c2121b344e2f1c Invest in stable, highly qualified and multinational secretarial positions.
• Secretarial staff is a strategic asset of Units: they handle confidential documents, ensure cohesion within the Unit
(especially when intensity of missions is significant), and are key for knowledge management and business continuity of the Unit.

C All EUCS roles are important
12 Inform non-permanent staff, including national experts, about prolongation/
termination decisions at least 4 months before the contract expiration.
• Dignity of non-permanent staff.
13 Monitor the full consequences of any agreed changes to the Staff Regulations.
Design and implement a mechanism for their periodical and systematic evaluation and reporting. Analytical
monitoring should be ensured for all branches of career, grades, age brackets, gender and country of origin. The EU Institutions’ reports in this regard should be issued at least annually, and subject to independent review.
• To have a pragmatic, facts-based description of the consequences of the Reform which allows to assess its reality and to fine-tune or rectify it, according to needs.
14 Ensure that all staff of new or existing Member States can join the EUCS under
career and financial conditions equal to those of current staff.
Their access conditions should be only regulated by the principle of demonstrated personal merit in open competitions. No further ‘ lower classes’ of EUCS officials should be created.
• Unity and dignity of the EUCS.

D Let us learn the lessons from the 2004 Reform
15 Intensify the transparency for the entire EU staff of all the negotiation process,
encompassing all constraints and dimensions to be pursued.
Provide to the workforce a detailed real-time outlook of the situation, points agreed and disagreed, alternatives and mitigating measures, etc.
• Credibility and participation, aiming for long-term acceptance of any Reform.
• Motivation of the EUCS staff.
Annex of signatories 1 of 12

Annex of signatories
(a) Staff of the European Commission signing this letter (alphabetical order)
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Abadie Fabienne JRC-SEVILLA
Ackerman Lisa DGT
Agostini Francesca DGT
Akmane Baiba TRADE
Albuquerque Silva João RTD
Amor Sofia EMPL
Andrykiewicz Zmyslona Ewa DIGIT
Angileri Vincenzo JRC-ISPRA
Angulo Rodríguez Elvira María FPI
Arranz David COMP
Ashbrook Michael ESTAT
Aujean Laurent EMPL
Bajek Piotr AGRI
Balajkova Tatiana SG
Balcerzyk Bartlomiej ENV
Baldyga Mariusz INFSO
Barbero Marco JRC-ISPRA
Barbero Mirco INFSO
Barbolla Casas Juan Luis JUST
Bartholmes Jens JRC
Bartoszewicz-Malicki? Piotr OLAF
Baruth Bettina JRC-ISPRA
Baryn Marcin OP
Basztura Joanna EAC
Baudouin Ludivine ESTAT
Bayer Agnieszka OLAF
Behrendt Monika HR
Belaud Jean-François? TAXUD
Belloni Fabio RTD
Bengyuzova Anjelina TAXUD
Bensch-Pitiriciu? Liliana ENER
Bergamelli Marina INFSO
Bergström Ragnar INFSO
Bickel Michael JRC-GEEL
Bieniuk Zuzanna MARE
Biesmans Connie JRC-GEEL
Bil Barbara OIB
Billaux-Koman? Ilona CLIMA
Bissieres Muriel JUST
Blaszowska Magdalena SANCO
Blondelle Johan RTD
Bogdanowicz Marc JRC-SEVILLA
Boian Verona DGT
Bojdak Robert DGT
Bombardone Silvia JRC-ISPRA
Boogaerts Nathalie INFSO
Borowik Monika INFSO
Borstnik Gergely Mirjam EMPL
Annex of signatories 2 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Boruta Malgorzata MOVE
Boselli Laura DGT
Bouvier D'Yvoire Michel ENTR
Boyadjiev Nikolai DGT
Brabínek Aleš INFSO
Braga da Cruz Gonçalo AGRI
Braun Klaus OP
Brinkmann Thomas JRC-SEVILLA
Brunner Markus SANCO
Brussel-Jacaszek? Magdalena ENTR
Buchnajzer-Kucinska? Magdalena RTD
Buchta Anna MARKT
Bujar Marcin ENTR
Bzdela Bartlomiej TAXUD
Canuti Elisabetta JRC-ISPRA
Carabott Carmen Frances DGT
Carbajosa Dubordieu Patricia ENTR
Cardoso Pedro ECFIN
Cattaruzza Lorella DGT
Centeno Mediavilla Isabel Clara JRC-SEVILLA
Chardonnet Christophe INFSO
Charoud-Got? Jean JRC-GEEL
Chenev Simeon ENTR
Chetcuti Tanya DIGIT
Chirico Filomena COMP
Chlad Agnieszka ENTR
Chojecka Joanna MARE
Chojecki Sławomir FPI
Chrzanowska Sara TRADE
Ciesielska Ewa JRC-ISPRA
Clapinska Monika OLAF
Cocker-Maciejewska? Anna ESTAT
Conte Andrea JRC-SEVILLA
Corman Marie ENTR
Cornesanu Diana Steluta Maria DGT
Correia Raquel HR
Cosminca Mihaela Luiza DIGIT
Cotro Fernández Emma MARKT
Couniniotis Ioannis ENV
Csaki Zita AGRI
Csonka Peter Jozsef JUST
Cultot Gerald SANCO
Cunningham Monica COMP
Cyndecka Agnieszka CLIMA
Czarnecka-Gogolewska? Ewa TRADE
Dabin Claire DIGIT
Daukantiene Rasa BUDG
De Deckker Véronique INFSO
De Grandis Carlo MOVE
Dehoy Jean-Marc? OP
Delahaut Janine RTD
Demolin Marina EMPL
Annex of signatories 3 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Dernowicz Ewa COMP
Desgrees du Lou Maja ENV
Dimitrova Daniela DGT
Dimitrova Vladislava DGT
Diotallevi Luisa INFSO
Doubrava Roman ENER
Druon Jean-Noel? JRC-ISPRA
Drzazga Ryszard DIGIT
Dudek Monika RTD
Dudzicz-Henrioux? Ewa OLAF
Dugaro Patrizia DGT
Dunin-Majewska? Wioletta ECFIN
Dyja Katarzyna ENV
Dylag Tomasz RTD
Dzieciolowski Jan Mikolaj REGIO
Edelsztein Pierre INFSO
El Aydam Mohamed JRC-ISPRA
Eleftheriou Eleftherios RTD
Eriksonaite Diana EMPL
Estienne Geraldine SG
Eulaerts Olivier Daniel JRC
Farrer Patricia JRC-SEVILLA
Federowicz Monika EMPL
Filipczynska-Sevcnikar? Monika AGRI
Filipiuk Bogna ENTR
Fiteni Ruben OP
Fladl Maria AGRI
Fontaine Christophe BUDG
Fontaine Olivier HOME+JUST-SRD
Fragoyiannis Demetrios SANCO
Frajher Zofia INFSO
Franckx-Soldatova? Lucia COMM
Frey Torsten ENTR
Fronaschütz Ursula JRC-SEVILLA
Gaal Norbert COMP
Gabrielli Cossellu Mario ENTR
Gadzina Agnieszka MARKT
Gajda Martin TAXUD
Galanis Theodoros MARKT
Galea Graziella DGT
Galewska Maria REGIO
García Gómez Antonio REGIO
García John Enrique ENTR
Gathoye Anne-Claire? EPSO
Gatt Stephen DGT
Geniusaite Agne ECFIN
Genorio Hana ECFIN
Genty Aurélien JRC-SEVILLA
Gerada Pierre DGT
Gerakis Eleni MOVE+ENER-SRD
Gierulski Krzysztof ENER
Ginalski Octavien ENTR
Annex of signatories 4 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Giusti Lucia DGT
Gluza-Czyczerska? Balbina EMPL
Gogolewski Zoran TRADE
Golota Marek RTD
Golsztajn Pawel DEVCO
Gorgol Blazej REGIO
Goris Willem JRC-GEEL
Governatori Matteo ECFIN
Grech Stefan SANCO
Grigonyte Dalia ECFIN
Grzegorek Aneta SANCO
Grzesikowski Piotr CLIMA
Grzeszczyk Maciej ENTR
Grzyb Elzbieta EPSO
Grzymkowska Maja JUST
Hadjinenkov Alexandar MARE
Haems Greta ECFIN
Hajkova Miroslava EMPL
Hamilton Iona COMP
Hania Evelyne ENTR
Heimann Beata TAXUD
Hocsak Krisztina COMP
Holsten Nicola Britta AGRI
Horak Vaclav INFSO
Iancu Gabriel DGT
Iliev Orlin JRC-ISPRA
Ionita Lorena MARKT
Ivanova-Staykova? Teodora COMP
Jablonowska Olga SANCO
Jakab Eniko DGT
Janssen Lucas RTD
Japa Joanna DGT
Jelen Ewa REGIO
Johansson Dag COMP
Jones Graeme SANCO
Kalnins Edgars SJ
Kaltcheva-Metodieva? Milena BUDG
Kaminski Damian COMP
Kamran Roya RTD
Kaparelou Fotini OPOCE
Karagiannidou Agni INFSO
Karloukovska Vessela SANCO
Kaschl Arno ENV
Katona László AGRI
Kawecka Olga INFSO
Kedra Aleksandr RTD
Keler-Kalinowska? Katarzyna COMM
Khedim Simona ENTR
Kiel Alexandra ENTR
Kiraly Olga EAC
Klubuk Szabolcs ENTR
Annex of signatories 5 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Knowles Tuija ELARG
Knuts Anne-Françoise? ECFIN
Koeber Robert JRC-GEEL
Konstantinova Svetla DGT
Kordasiewicz Przemyslaw INFSO
Kordecka Aleksandra MARE
Kotkowska Agata REGIO
Kotwicki Marcin DGT
Kovacs Barna RTD
Kowalczyk Ewa RTD
Kowalska-Hamadi? Magdalena SG
Kozlowska Dabkowska Aleksandra ENTR
Krasteva Viktoriya
Krause Karsten CLIMA
Krauza Ewa TRADE
Krecisz Katarzyna TAXUD
Krynicki Radoslaw SCIC
Krysinska-Przygocka? Kamilla INFSO
Kula Joanna DGT
Kuljon Marta COMP
Kurcz Bartlomiej MARKT
Kurrer Christian RTD
Kurt Tülay OLAF
Kurzawska Agata MOVE
Kuxova Alexandra COMP
Labat Ariane CLIMA
Lach Kasia HOME
Lagneaux Frédéric EMPL
Las-Sajdak? Grazyna HOME+JUST-SRD
Laudi Aldo DIGIT
Laurila Pia RTD
Laviña Jesús DEVCO
Le Grand Pascal ENV
Lecomte Eric RTD
Lennartz Rudolf JRC
Lerda Donata JRC-GEEL
Leroy Adriana MARKT
Leupold Henning COMP
Levy Errol RTD
Lewczuk-Bianco? Dorota IAS
Lieber Eva REGIO
Link Sylwia ESTAT
Lisowska Anna OIL
Litwin-Staszewska? Malgorzata OIB
Loizou Loizos MARKT
Lörinczi Larisa RTD
Lozar Borut ENER
Lubenets Natalie ECFIN
Lupo Fabrizio ESTAT
Lusser Maria JRC-SEVILLA
Magnus Marcel COMP
Majewska Alicja OLAF
Annex of signatories 6 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Makiel Soude Agnieszka SANCO
Makowska Katarzyna EMPL
Manhardt-Welbers? Judith SANCO
Marchetti Marina DEVCO
Margraff Patricia INFSO
Markovikova Vanda TRADE
Markowska Elzbieta EAC
Martin Rüdiger INFSO
Masselink Maarten ECFIN
Mateja Matej ENTR
Mathes Pascale SANCO
May Tomasz AGRI
Maye Anthony AGRI
Mayerhöfer Jan ENTR
Meletiou Effie EMPL
Meszaros Andrea COMM
Micale Fabio JRC-ISPRA
Michalelis Panos RTD
Mileva Kremena MOVE
Mische Harald COMP
Mitu Raluca Cezara DGT
Mizzi Joseph OP
Modzelewska Anna Monika REGIO
Moldovan Mihaela SCIC
Mommer Anne DGT
Momot Milosz ENER
Morillas Ruciero Rafael JRC
Mroz Monika EPSO
Nagtzaam Martinus SANCO
Nardo Michela JRC-ISPRA
Naudi Jeantide DGT
Nedelcheva Marina Velikova INFSO
Németh György AGRI
Nemry Françoise JRC-SEVILLA
Neocleous Polyvios SANCO
Nielsen Rikke MARE
Nienstedt Karin SANCO
Nieweglowska-Ernst? Justyna CAB-ALMUNIA
Nikolov Pavel DGT
Nill Jan Christoph CLIMA
Nilsson Gyn OP
Nistor Stefan DGT
Novikova Jekaterina OLAF
Novotna Sarka ECFIN
Nowak Anna DGT
Nowak Olaf ESTAT
Nucifora Simona JRC-KARLSRUHE
Obloza Malgorzata HOME
Ochoa de Michelena María Jesús AGRI
Oliveri Franco JRC-ISPRA
Olsson Bjorn Mikael DGT
Opik Meelika DGT
Annex of signatories 7 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Oscislowski Szymon MOVE
Osiecka Agnieszka TRADE
Ostrowska-Prijatelj? Izabela COMP
Paehler Jan DEVCO
Painter Raluca MARKT
Palka Alina DGT
Parmegiani Anna INFSO
Pataki Zoltán Balazs TAXUD
Pedersen Jeanette Bornoe INFSO
Peeters Weem Paul SANCO
Peica Dragos RTD
Pekár Ferenc ENV
Peksa-Blanchard? Malgorzata ENER
Pereira Sequeira Rosa Marie AGRI
Perschke Wawrzyniec ENTR
Peteva Jenia TAXUD
Petracco-Giudici? Marco JRC-ISPRA
Petri Ekkehard ESTAT
Piotrowska Barbara JRC-ISPRA
Pirlet Thierry HOME+JUST-SRD
Pisani Raymond OP
Pitala Malgorzata COMP
Pleska Olivier OLAF
Popescu Octavian ENTR
Popova Blaga Valentinova ENTR
Pozlevic Olga ENV
Pravda Ondřej EMPL
Prica Costinel HOME+JUST-SRD
Pryk Kinga ESTAT
Prylinski Robert TRADE
Przeor Marek REGIO
Ptak Wojciech AGRI
Pulichino Michael ENTR
Ramos Evangelista Maria Isabel HR
Rapacz Piotr MOVE
Rehak Marcel ENER
Rekerta Kestutis EMPL
Remis Milan EAC
Renckens An ECFIN
Revilla Peñaranda Eva ENTR
Reyes Irina HOME
Rezessy Silvia JRC-ISPRA
Ringler Kerstin MARKT
Rokita Radoslaw ELARG
Romero Michelle EAC
Roudier Serge JRC-SEVILLE
Rous Barbara SJ
Rozalski Piotr RTD
Rozwadowski Jacek ENTR
Rueda Catry Cristina AGRI
Rychel Barbara ESTAT
Annex of signatories 8 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Saisana Michaela JRC-ISPRA
Salarnier Ewa HOME
Salvador Roldán Rocío SANCO
Sánchez Amillategui Fernando JRC
Santos Fabricio HOME
Sarlej Beata HOME+JUST-SRD
Saver Jan HOME
Scagnol Alessandra DGT
Scerri Karl ECFIN
Schade Sven ENTR
Scheyvaerts Jean BUDG
Schieck Christian BUDG
Schmied Janos ENTR
Schubert Thomas RTD
Schvarcz Éva Csilla EAC
Schwarz Guido EMPL
Sdrakas Ewa ECFIN
Sens Laurent EMPL
Serrano Samper Sergio HOME+JUST-SRD
Seychell Reuben DGT
Sieradzka Beata Ewa EPSO
Silva João AGRI
Simionescu Daniela DGT
Simoes de Almeida João Paulo REGIO
Skolimowska Marta MOVE
Sommer Thomas INFSO
Sora Ioana EMPL
Sordini Emmanuele JRC-ISPRA
Sorescu Mihai Sorinel ECFIN
Sova Alice REGIO
Spasov Nikolay DGT
Spiechowicz Michal ENTR
Spiljak Leja SANCO
Springer Carl OPOCE
Stanciulescu Cristina DIGIT
Stanecki Rafal OLAF
Stanescu Vlasie Mihaela ELARG
Staniszewska Justyna SG
Stendera-Bzdela? Paulina DGT
Stoma Ewa RTD
Strobl Peter JRC-ISPRA
Strojwas Bartlomiej AGRI
Sudikas Giedrius COMM
Sujka Ewelina JRC-ISPRA
Szczepaniak Beata COMP
Szigeti Anca Maria JRC
Szmidt Gabriela HOME
Szotko Magdalena EPSO
Szwajca Renata TAXUD
Taillemite Susanne BUDG
Tasiopoulos Georgios OP
Tassa Emanuela EMPL
Annex of signatories 9 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Tesarova Adela SG
Tipaldi Marco JRC
Tolan Päivi EMPL
Tolias Yiannos ENTR
Tomaszewski Peter ENER
Toth Andras ENER
Toth Katalin JRC-ISPRA
Tsalas Alexis ENV
Tübke Alexander JRC-SEVILLA
Tychtl Pavel COMM
Ujvarosi Gabor DGT
Urbaniak Malgorzata RTD
Ureña de Poznanski Soldimar AGRI
Urquijo Zamora Santiago ENV
Uzunov Enyo DGT
Valentaite Julija EMPL
Valle Lagares Eva COMP
Vallens Emmanuel MARKT
Van Bavel Rene JRC-SEVILLA
Van Broekhoven Carina JRC-GEEL
Van De Calseyde Sophie INFSO
Van Deyck Jurgen DIGIT
Van Ierland Willem CLIMA
Van Wimermsa Greidanus Herman JRC-ISPRA
Van Wynsberghe Yvan DIGIT
Vancraeynest Geert RTD
Vander Elst-Johnstone? Nathalie DGT
Vanderperren Marc HOME+JUST-SRD
Vangompel Sien ECFIN
Vanhaeverbeke Sophie ECHO
Vasile Iuliana DIGIT
Vasile Octavian SANCO
Vassileva-Venezia? Rossitza DGT
Vaszi Tibor JUST
Vaznelyte Jurate REGIO
Vin Caroline TRADE
Vincent Véronique CLIMA
Vinhas de Souza Lúcio ECFIN (in CCP)
Vitanova Eva DEVCO
Vlaskina Irina TAXUD
Vocaskova Jitka REGIO
Voglaire Vincent TAXUD
Walczak Katarzyna REGIO
Wawrzynek Renata AGRI
Weiss Brigitte RTD
Wesolowska Aleksandra INFSO
Wieclakwski Dariusz JRC
Willak Witold REGIO
Winkler Bernd SANCO
Wintersteller Markus ECFIN
Witt Anna COMP
Wlodyka Magdalena AGRI
Annex of signatories 2d7129f3f889e28d8ff10761551791e7 of 12
Surname Name Directorate-General?
Wójcik Marcin REGIO
Wojtas Wiktor HOME
Wolff Gunther ENV
Wozniak Przemyslaw ECFIN
Yanchev Yasen DGT
Zaitegui Pérez David BUDG
Zając Agnieszka Publications Office
Záková Pavlina ECFIN
Zalasinski Adam Konrad TAXUD
Zalik Ludmila ENV
Zambrzycki Bartosz ENV
Zanchetta Luigi JRC-ISPRA
Zareba Elzbieta ENV
Zareba Mariusz JRC-KARLSRUHE
Zarnowiecka-Krezelok? Joanna RTD
Zelaskiewicz Agnieszka ENTR
Zeleny Reinhard JRC-GEEL
Zielinska Maja SANCO
Zilberstein Fabio INFSO
Zurek Krzysztof MARKT
(b) Staff of the Research Executive Agency signing this letter (alphabetical order)
Surname Name
Ambroziewicz Grzegorz
Coluccio Gianluca
Conte Danila
D'Orilia Stefano
Sowinska Joanna
(c) Staff of the Trans-European? Transport Network Executive Agency signing this letter
(alphabetical order)
Surname Name
Glinka Piotr
Orban Botond
(d) Staff of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology signing this letter
Surname Name
Sinkovits Henrietta
(e) Staff of the European External Action Service signing this letter (alphabetical order)
Surname Name
Bondeson-Eggert? Dorota
Bóriková Jirina
Charon Olivier
Dorodnova Ekaterina
Driesmans Igor
Gargya Balazs
Gutkind Adam
Jarmontowicz Bozena
Kachlikova Iva
Kajdy Monica
Kodoňová Kateřina
Annex of signatories d01bd09e7b2db26632c2121b344e2f1c of 12
Surname Name
Kozeluhova Petra
Kozinska Beata Malgorzata
Lachut Gosia
List Andreas
Magumu Moustapha
Momot Ireneusz
Rasmussen Christian Frigaard
Reale Luana
(f) Staff of the European Parliament signing this letter (alphabetical order)
Surname Name
Bakowski Piotr
Ballestrin Cedric
Banaszkiewicz Mateusz
Collado Marcos Carlos
Delepine Ludovic
Dormaier Anna
Klemencic Schmidt Nastja
Kolodziejski Marek
Kowalska Malgorzata
Kragelj Nastja
Maillot Pascal
Maver Uros
Mazurkiewicz-Zaleska? Barbara
Pasik Magdalena
Pinto Hugo
Przetacznik Jakub
Puspan Maja
Rettore Luca
Rozanska Elzbieta
Sokolska Ina
Starostin Magdalena
Szabo Kinga
Tymowski Jan Mikolaj
Wypich Jowita
Zerak Andrej
Zun Nives
(g) Staff of the Council of the European Union signing this letter (alphabetical order)
Surname Name
Akangbe Inese
Baranowska Alicja
Bicanova Liliana
Broda Pawel
Cheslet Fabien
Chiaretta Simone
Czarnecka-Sliwinska? Agnieszka
Jedro Monika
Johansson Peter
Kirevski Silvija
Kraner Aleksandra
Lakeman Katarzyna
Annex of signatories 12 of 12
Surname Name
Manta Sinziana
Matiasczyk Katarzyna
Mitocariu Maria-Cristina?
Popa Adela Raluca
Sammer Jan
Sojka-Drozdzowska? Iwona
Stancu Madalina
Todorova-Androva? Vyara
Voivod Arieta
Wójcik Jaroslaw
(h) Staff of the European Economic and Social Committee signing this letter (alphabetical order)
Surname Name
Budden Caroline
Chatzidakis Andreas
Dilkinska Graziella
Fomina Irina
Krasny Anna
Krasznai Zoltán
Osleja Dace
Pasikowska-Schnass? Magdalena
Quental Mendes Lisete
Robert Larissa
Thomopoulos Vasilios
Urbanska Magdalena
Verlinden Johan
Wieczorek Aleksandra
Wisniewska Malgorzata
Zoran Marinka
(i) Staff of the Committee of Regions signing this letter (alphabetical order)
Surname Name
Cielavs Viesturs
Delivorias Angelos
Fákó Péter
Gonda Miklos
Kogoj Vitko
Kosim-Basimoglu? Anna
Lartigue Martine
Latcheva Ludmila
Russell Martin
Saliba Susan
Szczepanski Marcin
Wirth Eszter
(j) Staff of the Court of Justice signing this letter
Surname Name
Siembida Malgorzata

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wiki page: Roth Behrent DE 01 · Roth Behrent EN 01 · Roth Behrent FR 01 · Eating Your Own Words · Ministry of Truth · Nobel EU 01 · Art 27 02 · Art 27 03 · Art 27 04 · Art 27 01 · Financial Crisis Light 01 · Financial Crisis Light tunnel 01 · Comments and Views from Swedish EU officials on the forthcoming Review of the Staff Regulations for Officials of the EU Institutions · Kommentarer / synpunkter från svenska EU-anställda med anledning av den kommande revideringen av anställningsvillkoren inom EU · Swede Rep SE · Swede Rep EN · Income Support 01 · Manipulera statistiken och gläd politikerna · Nej till nedskärningar i EU anställdas arbetstillfällen, förmåner, pensioner och hälsovård · Hammered EU Staff employee remunerations · SID au sujet du compte-rendu de l'état de l'Union en 2011 donnée par Président José Manuel Durão à Strasbourg · Express versus SID · Negotiations Hallucinations 01 · soit 40 réduction · soit 40 reduction · soit 40% réduction · heart full o gratitude 02 · heart full o gratitude 01 · X Depenses administratives économies · X Depenses administratives �conomies · Slim Cat 01 · Adaptation des rémunérations : le Conseil a violé le Statut Luttons ensemble pour le respect de la légalité · Allocations scolaires et bourses CEDIES luxembourgeoises · 52.3 % of the votes = 85 % of the seats. Is this in the interest of Staff? · SID on president José Manuel Durão Barroso's State of the Union Address 2011 speech in Strasbourg · X ChamberPot 01 · Goin Viral 01 · Shp Wrecked 03 · Shp Wrecked 02 · ShipoWrecked 01 · Same Job but at Half Salary · Contempt of Court Contempt of Luxembourg · SID questions Commission proposal to reform once again the EU Staff Regulations · Bad News from Commission · X01 01 · Une déclaration de guerre du Conseil contre le Service public européen · Charte Européenne des Droits fondamentaux : Dernière forteresse de l'espérance ? · Regarding collective action of SJE and SID against our salary cuts · Clinging to EU charter of Fundamental Rights as the best bastion of hope · Allocations scolaires nouvelles dispositions administratives concernant l’article 67, paragraphe 2, du Statut · Budget Line 26 01 02 11 · Less money on the table for our next METHOD · The METHOD, what would it look like on 1/1/2013? · No Double Taxation at the United Nations · All you ever wanted to know about SID · The Grand Duke giveth and the Commission taketh, praised be the Commission · To recover salary losses incured to me as a result of the Council decision of December 2009 · The Financial Crisis in the EU Civil Service · Our Salaries and the EU Law · Double Taxation: When Will it be Your Turn? · Double Taxation: How to Beat the Heat · No to Economic Cannibalism Yes to Social Democracy and Co-decision · Mayday- Mayday Pensions going down · Pensions and Salary · Roadmap to equal pensions · Save 2000 Jobs petition to European Parliament · The Holmquist Reform · The method decrypted · What do you think of the way AD9s / AST9 are treated · What we do not know hurts us · Le rapport Holmquist · les cdr l ultimatum et le referendum · le douteux processus de certification de monsieur kallas · Conclusions · How the method sometimes malfunctions · Histoire de l egalite de Pension hommes femmes · dubious kallas certification process · EPSO Tests for Contractual Agents Sources for the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Test · Discrimination against Contractual Agents · Devaluation du personnel de la commission · articles 64 and 65 · Annex XI · 2000 job cuts and what we did about it · Was halten Sie von der Kinnock Reform · The Holmquist Report and Where it Came from and Where it Should Go · The Reform From Empty Promises to Empty Pockets · The CDR- the Ultimatum and the Referendum · Kallas CDR reform · Downgrading the Commission staff · Do you remember that 2000 Jobs were to go in 2006 · CDR COMPASS SCOP and the unfortunate Officials · Will it solve your promotion problems · Le REC de Kallas pas une potion magique · Kallas CDR Ultimatum in Spanish · Die CDR- das Ultimatum und das Referendum · CDR in Hungarian ·

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