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Quality and other issues regarding EB

European Schools
SID is an independent Trade Union of all EU institutions employees.

arrow Annual Report of the Secretary-General to the Board of Governors of the European Schools, January 2008

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confused Gibt es drei Europaschulen oder Eine?
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SID demands schooling and after care that merits the children of the officials away from their home countries and families serving the interests of Europe. we believe THE STAFF deserves better. This includes measures to remove all remaining discriminations against pupils gaining a European Bac.

To ensure that EB candidates to all UK universities get a fair deal through UCAS, SID demands that UCAS certification of Ebac is implemented asap.

In addition, the protocal as it stands counts for less than nothing in the UK. The UK has a competitive university entry system.

For a candidate to have a chance of entry they must demonstrate the value of their EBAC diploma against other recognised diplomas. The way this is managed in the UK is through UCAS cetification.

Currently every pupil and parent must grovel to each university, aside from a small number, begging for recognition of EBac.

As it currently stands EBac diploma is a barrier to entry to university in the UK specifically.

neutral PISA 2003 and Ebac results compared by country

neutral More on European Baccalaurate - European schools

question Where is the QUALITY in the EBAC Diploma?

question Irish universities seem to be hard on EB candidates

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For further information about European school please see our special webpage.

European Schools website

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