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Open Source or Bill Gates forever

Open Source or stay with Bill Gate's solutions forever

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Many administrations around Europe have already opted for Open Source software solutions.

For example in France, police, gendarmerie and tax office at least already use
Open Source and for their support they rely on a consortium of European Open
Source companies.

I personally talked to Mr Alexis Monville, Chef de Pôle, Systèmes Ouverts et Méthodes Collaboratives, Département des référentiels, de la mutualisation et du Pilotage de l'Administration Electronique, Service du Développement de l'Administration électronique, Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l'Etat, Ministère de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie.

He confirmed that actually since they use Open source the response time to
solving a problem has not gone over 10h. This is a remarkable achievement.

Many administrations due to budget restrictions are also forced to look to Open
Source solutions. It is ironic that Commission with all the budget problems it
seems it is having with the European Parliament and the Council still seems to
prefer Bill Gate's solutions. Commission's reference configuration PC platforms are based on it.

One area that DIGIT needs to concentrate on soon is whether to migrate to
Windows Vista or Open Source. You may have noticed that Vista's Office is very different to the current version of Office we use. They have changed all file
formats. Doc has become DOCX and xls has become XLSX etc. There are many changes requiring a complete retraining of ICT based and other Staff.

Bill Gate's company has the bad habit of constantly rendering its previous versions
of software obsolete in order to force its customer base to move to its new platform and use its new set of software products which are not forcibly any better but
different. One casing example is that it made its Visual Basic product obsolete.

We have in the European Commission hundreds of applications based on Visual
Basic that now need to be migrated to .NET. This is not a trivial matter again because Microsoft has a tendency to change the parameter list of its internal functions every time they come up with a new release. This simply translates into more expensive migration and maintenance costs for the European tax-payer.

This Commission policy of sticking with Microsoft through thick and thin along with its talk about cutting red-tape and deregulations only indicates one thing, ie Viva big Corporations and shut it you sheep-like citizens.

president of SID

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