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Officials affected by the introduction of the AD9 grade

Officials affected by the introduction of the AD9 grade
Mr Siim Kallas
Vice- President for Administrative Affairs, Audit and Anti- Fraud
European Commission

Subject: Officials affected by the introduction of the AD9 grade: Still waiting for fair transition corrective measures

Dear Vice- President Kallas,

In 2005 nearly four hundred A7 officials, reclassified as A*8 (AD8) , wrote a letter to call your attention on the discriminatory effects and very negative impact on their careers of the introduction of a new AD9 grade, and on the unfair attribution of transition supplementary points to allow a limited number of colleagues to elude such measures, by getting their promotions before the entry into force of the new rules.

It was then requested

• l’attribution immédiate de 2,5 points de « compensation de croissance annuelle du seuil » à tous les fonctionnaires A*8 non promus

• l’établissement d’un régime de transition équitable pour compenser le retard de carrière dû à l’introduction du nouveau système de carrière et du nouveau système d’évaluation et de promotion qui devrait impliquer :

 Une réduction de l’ancienneté minimale dans le grade requise pour être promouvable au nouveau grade A*10

 Une augmentation des pourcentages de promotion vers les grades A*9 et A*10, afin de mitiger les effets de l’introduction du grade intermédiaire A*9

And last but not least,

la promouvabilité vers le grade A*10 de tous les fonctionnaires A*8 recrutés avant l’entrée en vigueur du nouveau Statut.

In spite of the reassurances that we received from you on this occasion (cfr. your note D(2005) 140 du 23 mars 2005), the last four year experience, the publication of the provisional promotion threshold for 2008 (for AD9, 14 points increase with regard to 2007!) and the prospects of the new reform of the appraisal and promotion (CDR) system have confirmed our worst expectations.

The facts are self-explanatory of our frustration and disappointment:

 Before 2004, the average time to be promoted from A7 to A6 was four years; in contrast to that, the average time that we will have to spend to be promoted from the equivalent grades AD8 to AD10 is nine years.

 The administrators who got their promotion in 2004 needed 44,5 points, while we will need almost three times as many (58 + 68 = 126) to get to the same AD10 (=A6) grade. Colleagues recruited at the same time as us but promoted just one year earlier are now six years ahead of us in their careers, and are starting getting their promotions as AD11, with the benefits in terms of salary and career possibilities that it implies .

 While more than 1100 officials are currently AD9, the number of promotions from AD9 to AD10 in the last three years has been just eight. If no corrective measures are applied from now on, leading to a substantial increase in the number of promotions already in the 2008 exercise (minimum 400), the promotion rates provided for by Article 6 of the Staff Regulations will not be fulfilled.

 In accordance with recent trade union tracts, a number of "important concessions" would have been obtained for the current CDR exercise, i.a. for colleagues in grades AD10 and AD8, which will have their promotions facilitated. On the contrary, nothing has been provided for the AD9 grade, even if the officials who actually are in this grade have had their careers particularly slowed down since the Reform.

 We are very much concerned that with the new appraisal and promotion (CDR) system, unveiled by the Commission on 9th April, our situation not only is not taken into consideration but it risks deteriorating even more, taking into account that the time to be spent in the AD9 grade for the average official (performance level II) will be formalised as being between four and six years (as the points that could be received per year range between 4 and 6, for a stabilised threshold of 24).

Therefore, the undersigned, officials in the AD9 (and AD8) grades recruited before May 2004, request to the Commission:

 A substantial increase in the number of promotions foreseen for AD9 officials in the promotion exercises 2008 and the following, with the corresponding adjustment of the forecasted promotion threshold. Such increase in the number of promotions (and lowering of the threshold) should in principle enable all the former A7 (and A8) officials to get their promotions, at the latest, after three years in the AD9 grade.

 A special conversion rate of our "rucksacks" into the new CDR system, the lowering of the stabilised threshold or the provision of extra compensation points that take into account, for officials recruited before May 2004, not only the time spent in the AD9 grade but the cumulated time spent from the A7/AD8 grade. The convergence plan established for the transition to the new system should fully take into account the cumulated time between AD8 and AD10, in comparison with the average time spent in 2004 between the old A7 and A6 grades.

Yours sincerely,

and others

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