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More on petition against Aggression and Lapidation

Against Aggression and Lapidation

Some unions hand out flowers, others stick to expressing noble sentiments, which is easier on the environment (and on their treasury). SID chose to celebrate International Women's Day 2008 by launching a petition to the Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran against aggression and lapidation. We drafted the text to slip through between the two dangerous extremes that can wreck international human rights initiatives. There was absolutely no attempt to force Iranians to adopt European standards. On the other hand, we made our rejection of capital punishment politely clear.

You may wonder how much good all of this does.

951 signatures from our colleagues and a few international sympathizers carry some weight.

A copy of the petition was forwarded to the Chief Justice' office. So far, there is no reply. We can be certain that our, and your, efforts have been noticed because official Iranian media have reported on other material that was published on the same website as the petition.

We know that some Iranians have seen and signed the text. How far it has spread is difficult to say since we need to protect our friends from reprisals.

The fact that thousands of people took some time to read and think about the difficult question of how to defend human rights without bombing human beings is another positive effect. It is both subtle and important.

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