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Manipulating Internal Competitions ?

Manipulating Internal Competitions?


Are Some Candidates Twice as Equal?

SID stands for transparency and there are plenty of colleagues who agree.

Internal competitions are one of the areas of serious concern; see our petition 192/2009 here and our website: here.
We have discovered more problems before HR got anywhere near solving the old ones.

We took a closer look at the results of the EU-2 Internal Competitions for Head of Unit AD9 and AD12 (COM/INT/EU2/10/AD9 and COM/INT/EU2/10/AD12), published on 22/06/2010, having Bulgarian or Romanian citizenship (Administrative Notice N° 42-2010 / 06.07.2010).
We found some of the same names published on the reserve lists for both competitions. It wouldn’t be strange if the two were separated completely, but they were closely linked.

In case of general competitions like EPSO/AD/101/07 (AD9) and EPSO/AD/102/07 (AD12) BG or in case of the Internal Competition COM/INT/EU27/09/AD9 and COM/INT/EU27/09/AD12, you could not apply for both grades (AD9 and AD12) at the same time, only one. The exception applied only to the AD-9 and AD-12 one. But nothing was said about this possibility in the administrative notice nor in the general rules for this internal competition.

Only through the FAQ could participants learn about this unique feature. That FAQ may be found at find on our Intracomm and the question was:
"Can I register for more than one internal EU2 competition?

Yes, it is possible to register for more than one EUR2 internal competition assuming that the eligibility conditions are fulfilled.

The first question was accompanied by another one:
If I register to both EU2 internal competitions for Heads of Units AD9-AD12, will I have to take two times the admission tests?
No, the computer based admission tests for the management competitions are common."

But these particular questions on the possibility of applying for 2 grades at the same time were made public only a few days after opening the competition.

Applicants who had applied before that couldn’t know that the administrative notice was clarified after the date of publication through a reply in the FAQ. None of the people we spoke to had received an email either. Candidates were being disadvantaged for filing their applications "too early".

Intriguingly, candidates who registered twice had to go through the Assessment Centre only once. The question becomes; are there any significant differences between an AD-9 and an AD-12 post? If yes, then there need to be distinct Assessment Centres. If no, then AD-9 salaries must be raised to the AD-12 level. If the answer to the question is neither yes nor no, then what is it?

Now just compare the administrative notices for the two special internal competitions N° 4-2010 / 22.01.2010 COM/INT/EU2/10/AD9 and COM/INT/EU2/10/AD12
with these other two (N° 28-2009 / 20.04.2009 COM/INT/EU27/09/AD9 and COM/INT/EU27/09/AD12).

N°4 (EU2)
For further information, applicants should consult the registration guide (Annex 5).The section Frequently Asked Questions on the "Competitions/Selections" page of the HR & Administration website also provides useful information.

You can check the latest news about the internal competition for which you have applied by consulting your EPSO account. Please note that individual information concerning participation in the admission tests and other competition tests is available only in the applicant's EPSO account.

N°28 (EU27)
Please note that the tests for the above competitions may be held simultaneously.

Applicants may therefore apply for only one of these two internal competitions, otherwise they will be disqualified.

NB: You must choose the competition when you register online and, for organisational reasons, it will not be possible to change.

For further information, applicants should consult the registration guide (Annex 2). Detailed instructions on how to submit an application correctly are also given on the "Competitions/Selections" page of the PersAdmin? website, which includes a Frequently Asked Questions section.

You can check the latest news about the internal competition for which you have applied by consulting your EPSO account. Please note that individual information concerning participation in the admission tests and other competition tests is available only in the applicants' EPSO account."

This how things work as a rule; COM/INT/EU2/10/AD9 and COM/INT/EU2/10/AD12 are rare exceptions that candidates needed to pro-actively informed about for the sake of a level playing field.

- We learned in the meantime that some candidates were late in coming to the assessment centre. Why were they not excluded at that moment, like normal candidates?

- Is it a coincidence that two of these persons were former members of a Commissioner's cabinet, and the third one used to work with the Commissioner in her previous employment?

- Why does the Commission need an internal competition when the reserve lists for Head of Unit having Bulgarian and Romanian citizenship is far from being exhausted?

- Even if the planning would require appointing more Heads of Unit than the available laureates in the reserve lists, why limit the potential candidates to the internal ones? Art 27 of the Staff Regulations requires that recruitment shall secure for the institution the services of officials of the highest standard of ability, efficiency and integrity.

This is better done by allowing a much bigger pool of candidates to apply than when limiting the candidates to those already inside the Institutions.

How did HR come to know that the very best candidates were already inside the Institutions?

- Will there always be internal competitions that are more flexible than transparent, or will that be limited to the time after a Commission's mandate ends and its trusted personal assisstants need to be parachuted into jobs for life?

- Which rules will be applicable in the next internal competition - the ones for the EU2 or those that apply to the rest of us?

- Have you had an innocent little lapse that left some candidates being treated more equally than others?

These rhetorical questions will go unanswered for some time to come; until major media, the European Parliament or even OLAF start asking.

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