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Latest news on Farzad Kamangar as of today 27 November 2008


27/11/2008 12:02

Dear Colleagues,

We thank you for replying to our urgent email of Wednesday 26 October 2008.

The most frequent comment was that the execution date was already in the past. We prepared the urgent email on the afternoon of the day on which we received the bad news and sent it around that evening. Some of you may remember what we wrote; that the protests are usefull beyond the limits of the individual case. We have all been very fortunate in that it was "only" a mock execution, as we had hoped.

Farzad Kamangar was not hanged yesterday.

Thank you for your concern.

We invite you to get more involved in this kind of work.

Best Regards,

Michael Ashbrook

P.S. Here is the newest available information.

the international community urgently to intervene.

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