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Congratulations on an article that got the facts and the law right. I was beginning to wonder whether there are any real journalists left in Europe as I read through the absurdities published in lesser newspapers. Let me just add something to what you have already written.

What you write about the officials is quite correct, but there are other categories of staff that are worse off. By the Statute Title IV, Article 93, the lowest paid Contract Agents of the Institutions get 1.850 Euros per month. Of course, that is what the category was created for; to have people who do the same work as an official, only without job security and at half pay.

It happens that 1.850 Euros is a bit below Luxembourg's statutory minimum wage, but who cares about the stupid laws of an unimportant little Member State that does not even have a nuclear arsenal?

The money being saved through these phony austerity measures goes back into the general budget where it serves to finance tax breaks and subsidies for billionaires and their mega corporations. If it went to fight global warming, hunger, HIV etc., there would be room for a debate on salary cuts. But I would rather burn my money than give it to the richest 2% of the human race. You see, they already have half of the wealth on this planet. We, the 98%, share the other half.

Best Regards,

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