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Internal Competition – why to continue discrimination?


Internal Competition – why to continue discrimination?

When in 2009 SID started fighting for opening internal competition for contract agents, NONE of the EU Institutions syndicates followed this proposal.

The tracts from previous elections in Brussels has confirmed this. Nowadays you can find internal competition in every leaflet of every Trade Union.

It’s a good sign of rising awareness, but in the most cases the approach to this issue is not clear. Even our administration has understood that internal competition could be considered as a path for career development. However the main problem linked to this procedure is that – its' discriminating character will not disappear.


Because the proposal submitted by the Commission includes only partial opening of internal competition to contract agents. This means that special internal competition dedicated only to contract agents would be organized when our administration deems it necessary.

The same proposal, slightly changed and restrained, has left the European Parliament. Only contract agents from groups 3a and 3b with 3 years of experience in the Institutions and with an evidence of a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the Union and of a satisfactory knowledge of two other languages of the Union to the extent necessary for the performance of their duties will be able to participate in the internal competition.

Would the same condition concern temporary agents who will take part in next internal competition in 2013 and later on? Probably not, so discrimination will still persist.

SID supports one thesis and will fight till its full implementation:
Internal competition should be always open to all categories of staff.
Only objective criteria like education or experience should decide about eligibility of members of staff to take part in it.

It shouldn’t be left to discretion of the Appointing Authority especially to decide which category of staff should take part in it. But actually it is the case of the Article 29 of the Staff Regulation which is formulated in a discriminatory way (contract agents versus temporary agents) and in that sense is illegal.

A contract staff member who since 2004 has contributed most substantially to savings in the EU Administrative budget is de-motivated through low level of institutional identification caused by restricted possibility of career development.

What SID has done to combat this lack of equal treatment?

In 2009, SID launched the petition against discrimination of contract agents in the European Parliament (PETI 192/2009 ).

On the request of SID the illegality of Article 29 of the Staff Regulation was confirmed by the SJE lawyers.

One of the first written questions to Vice -President Sefčovič concerned this discrimination and was requested by the MEP Jaroslaw Walesa. The Commissioner replied and stated that contract agents neither suffer from discrimination in the Commission nor, given the perspective of possible employment in the agencies, should the conditions give any reason for frustration amongst them.

The petition PETI 192/2009 was considered by the members of PETI and JURI Committees in 2011 ( references: 1, 2 ).

Finally the proposal of MEP WALESA was forwarded to internal EP discussion on Staff Regulation amendment.
Unfortunately the final output from the EP discussions is as presented above.

SID is wondering why the EP at this stage has supported the shape of internal competition procedure which is easy to manipulate?

The Council should ask itself the same question.
Who is lobbying for existence of discriminatory procedures?

SID maintains its efforts and wants the Commission to recognize the internal competition procedure as a responsible managerial tool which can let its personnel to keep their motivations at the highest level and let it have a clear and logic career path.

SID believes that the right for internal competition should be the same for extended to all categories of staff each every time when a competition is organised.

Between members of our personnel we have many ASTs and CAs recruited with lower grades, albeit at the same time over-qualified and over-experienced. They could become quite rapidly high ranking officials of AD8 or AD9.

And, they mostly have abilities for these posts. But on-going processes of prolongation of career paths with fewer and longer promotions period, together with restricted access to internal competition, will force them to prove their competences always throughout open external competitions repeating the same process again and again.

At the current stage of negotiations and Staff Regulation amendments, this inequality imposed by the Staff Regulation will have again bad consequences on for our personnel for in the coming next 8 years.

So far, only TAO-AFI has decided to support SID's approach on the Contract Agents issue.
That is why SID and TAO have prepared LIST 8 for the next elections in Brussels.



SID & allies count on your votes at the election to be able to continue to lead this fight against discrimination.

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