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High tech photocopiers and printers A security issue for all of us here on planet Earth

High tech photocopiers and printers A security issue for all of us here on planet Earth
Before throwing out or returning any modern data device, please delete its hard drive or flash drive. This is the secure thing to do.

For those who are in the identity theft business it seems this would be a pot of gold.

Our activities can be traced through the multifunction machines, scanners, printers, photocopiers, etc. since they all contain hard drives which capture ALL documents that run through them, unless one takes action!

Examples of types of information some experts have seen on these machines are: the social security numbers, birth certificates, bank records and income tax forms. That type of information would be very valuable.

Is DIGIT aware of the potential information security breach when the office photocopier is replaced by the leasing companies?

Victor Beitner, a security expert who reconfigures photocopy machines states: “In almost all the machines I have seen, the files, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses are left there as if it was still in the office.

There are files from insurance companies, medical facilities, pharmaceutical and regular office-type documents.”

Are you aware that your personal data or other sensitive data when photocopied is also copied most probably on the hard disk of the photocopier machine.

And when the machine is replaced by the leasing company they could all be read and processed by any agency or persons that could get their hands on those hard disks?

For a business concern that could mean the possibility for a competing business getting hold of its vital information.

For European Commission that could mean any agency that may be interested in its information getting hold of those hard disks would be enough.

In cases where the organisation or company need to protect their security, often there is no alternative but to remove the hard drive at the end of the lease.

Wise businesses normally remove the hard drives of the photocopy machines through their security officers and purge them before they are picked up by the leasing company.

Most modern digital copiers support (IIO) immediate image overwrite or (ODIO) on demand image overwrite that will effectively delete saved images.

Certain manufacturers’ digital copiers overwrite hard drive data three times in compliance with United States Department of Defense (DoD) directive 5200.28- M. This normally prevents forensic software from extracting useful information.

Manufacturers have been extremely casual about security of hard drives.

Reza Fardoom

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