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G2004 OSP

Generation 2004 Goes OSP
Dear Colleague,

As already announced, we have ‘crossed the threshold’ and we have decided to establish Generation 2004 as a ‘staff association’ (not an Union), under the terms of the current Framework Agreement between the Administration, and the Unions and Staff Associations.
Just to put it in three sentences: we are open, we are ready to work in a transparent and accountable way, we welcome all people concerned. I hope that the by-laws will deserve your approval.
This relevant step in the life of our movement seeks two main goals: 1) more effective internal organization, more availability of resources; 2) full participation both in the Staff Committees and in the Social Dialogue (that is to say, in the present and the future of the Staff Regulations).
We have filed an official request to HR.D.4 (Social Dialogue) to become already a 'recognised organisation'. The second step is to become a ‘representative organizations’. We already meet the most difficult requirement (percentage of electoral vote, we more than double the threshold). The second requirement is to have 400 paid-up members.
That’s why I address you this direct request: please consider becoming a member. The application form in English - in Word and in PDF - and in French - in Word and in PDF are on our website.
I always tell you ‘feel free to pass this message’. This time is really important. The soonest we reach the 400 members threshold, the better.
All the best,
Dr Fernando Sánchez Amillategui
Chair of the Board – Generation 2004
European Commission
rue Guimard 10, 5/26 - 1049 Bruxelles
Tél 00 32 (0) 2 29 92047 Secrétariat 00 32 (0) 2 29 68304
p.s. One of our workgroup is researching job vacancies with particular ‘low’ and ‘high’ requirements published under the usual AD5-AD14 bracket since 2004. if you have some direct information about a case, please contact us, it will be very helpful. Thanks again, F.

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