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SID is an independent Trade Union of all EU institutions employees and an affiliate member of Amnesty International UK. All you ever wanted to know about SID

Tracts in English until the end of 2009

85. ((SID News & Views for Winter 2009)), 11/12/2009

84. The Contractual Agents have more friends than just SID, 11/12/2009

83. Tibet meeting videos, 11/12/2009

82. Double Taxation: How to Beat the Heat, 11/12/2009

81. Our Salaries and the EU Law, 11/12/2009

80. The Financial Crisis in the EU Civil Service, 11/12/2009

79. ((Does Admin believe in Miracles?)), 26/11/2009

78. latest news on the contractual agents petition, 26/11/2009

77. ((SID News & Views for October 2009)), 7/10/2009

76. Workers in Tibet Meeting, 7/10/2009

75. Workers in Tibet, 7/10/2009

74. Protect the EU from such Friends, 7/10/2009

73. ((Double Taxation: When Will it be Your Turn?)), 7/10/2009

72. H1N1 or the vaccines; what is more dangerous?, 7/10/2009

71. Detached from Democracy, 17/7/2009

70. ((SID News & Views for July 2009)), 16/7/2009

69. Beyond Local Staff Elections, 15/7/2009

68. Private Assemblies and Efraud

67. ((To need a TOKEN or not to need a TOKEN, that is the question))

66. Solidarity with Freedom seekers in Iran

65. The D stands for Democracy

64. ((SID News & Views for June 2009))

63. Concerns about the Electronic Voting System proposed for CLP Elections

62. Legal Advice from SID regarding the Invalidity Pension

61. ((Electronic Shackles? No thanks))

60. ((There are 8,532,610,224,499,130,000,000,000 to pick 27 candidates among a total of 212))

59. Highlights of SID platform

58. ((Corporations versus Citizens; Profit before People))

57. Precarious Employment in the EU Institutions

56. ((March 8th; Help Amnesty International Stop War Crimes Against Women and their Children))

55. Should EU Institutions discriminate against university educated citizens at a time of Generation 1000 euros and many university graduates out of a job

54. SID became an affiliate member of Amnesty International UK

53. UK State Pension Transfer Rights to the Commission scheme

52. Certification: A system of selecting Apparatchiks versus honest competent AST officials (12/2/2009)

51. Another burning crisis at the CPE Luxembourg (9/2/2009)

50. Crucifixion and the CDR

49. Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

48. Petition Against Discrimination in Internal Competitions

arrow Stop the EXECUTIONarrow Latest news on Farzad Kamangar as of today 27 November 2008arrow Summery of News regarding Kamangar by Amirkabir university students, Tehran, Iran 27/10/2008arrow A Letter from Farzad Kamangar (A Political Prisoner) dated 23 November 2007 translated by Ms Setareh Kavian

46. arrow Evote or Efraud? A contribution to the discussion

45. arrow Discrimination against Contractual Agents

arrow SID News & Views for November 2008arrow SID News and Views for October 2008

43. arrow The Economics of Inequality

42. arrow The method decrypted , part 2, part 3

41. arrow Dubious Kallas Certification process

40. arrow the king of ireland

39. Please stop the disciplinary procedure against Serge Reynaud, the post office worker and trade unionist in Marseille 01 – Colbert

38. technology and submission

37. do you want to take the red or the blue pill?

36. on inheritance and wills

35. open up the source or will the real commission please stand up

34. Is the end of LAPIDATION in sight in IRAN?

33. SID is against Human Rights atrocities perpetrated across the globe.

32. Iranian Supreme Court upholds Kurdish teacher's death sentence

31. Save 2000 jobs: Petition to European Parliament, 2006

30. Commission's local workers and other phantoms

29. Friday the 13th

28. The Holmquist Reform

27. EPSO Tests for Contractual Agents Sources for the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Test

26. Teleworking but under what conditions

25. Is Admin's Social Monologue even vaguely democratic?

24. SID News&Views for June 2008

23. Open Source or Bill Gates forever

22. Inheretence TAX - death duties

21. Officials affected by the introduction of the AD9 grade

20. National Union of Teachers

19. Do It Yourself Democracy Behind Closed Doors

18. arrow In defense of Iranian trade unionists

17. rolleyes EPSO: Downgrading the Commission staff

16. confused The new Kallas CDR: Will it solve your promotion problems

15.arrow Petition against lapidations in Iran , More on the Petition against Lapidation other friendly trade union websites

13. Wellbeing politics

12. EDL and ODL Staff

11. EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

10. Social dialogue and the Framework Agreement

9. Kindergarten and study Centre in Luxembourg

8. European schools: Quality and other issues regarding EB

7. the role and interests of Corporations in our Institutions

6. RFID and its role in our personnel cards

5. Local Staff Election system and results

4. Pensions and Salary

3. Promotion system

2. SID Membership application

1. All about SID

cool SID promotes

arrow Please take a moment to support struggles for workers' rights around the world. Thank you.

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