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Electronic Shackles? No thanks


Electronic Shackles?

No thanks.

Three years ago Commissioner Reding told corporate representatives assembled at Hannover that she had no plans to regulate RFID technology.

In May 2009 "Commission en direct" # 517 reports her grave concerns about the threat that RFID poses to private data.

Ms Reding has every right to change her opinion as she learns more the relation between technology and society.

That she is on her way to becoming a defender of fundamental rights is good news.

Before the anti-RFID movement disbands and goes home, let us take a close look at what the Commission's new position is.

Basically they remain committed to promoting that technology, but they have discovered that the opposition is strong enough to beat back a simple direct attack, so they are trying an outflanking manoeuvre.

Step one; they acknowledge that there might be the possibility of the potential of a problem.

Step two; they affirm their deep, profound, thoroughly committed commitment to our rights.

Step three; they adopt four tough recommendations.

Do you know what happens to corporations that ignore one of those? Nothing.

Not to worry; the anti-RFID people are too smart to fall for the oldest trick in the politician's book.

For good measure, let us hear the deafening silence on surveillance at work.

That is where the biggest threat lurks.

With long distance RFID in your staff card you are electronically shackled because your whereabouts on the premises are automatically recorded minute by minute.

Until further notice SID's position remains clear; no RFID systems with a range of more than 5 cm from card to scanner in the EU Institutions, please.

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