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EU2 internal competitions-whose interests do they serve


EU2 internal competitions-whose interests do they serve?

Internal competitions provide a welcome opportunity to get CAB temporary staff into permanent civil service posts without having to first pass an external competition. Of course, if everybody working here were allowed to take part there would not be enough permanent posts for the circa 25% of the candidates who pass internally(versus something like 0.25% who get through an external competition).

This also helps to understand why after organizing inter alia EPSO/AD/147-151/09, AD/166/09, AD/167/09, EPSO/AST/100/09, AST/101/09, or for EU12: EPSO/AD/144/09, AD/145/09, AD/146/09, EPSO/AST/51-55/08, or EU27: EPSO/AD/141/08, AD/163/09, EPSO/AST/74/08, AST/75/08, AST/91/09, AST/90/09, AST/92/09, AST/94/09; EU2:was still needed.

Each extra competition creates a fresh chance to get desirable candidates into the establishment plan. To put it sarcastically, no matter how stupid your favorite son-in-law is, if you organize enough competitions for him, he will eventually pass one and your grandchildrens' future will be assured.

In order to boost the success chances of the sought-after candidates it is necessary to exclude as many others as can be justified, or at least excused. First step; ban all Contract Agents from the internal competitions. Step two; set the closing date and the seniority requirements so that those who started work after 1st September 2009 are automatically excluded. Excluding people on the basis of formal criteria means that the merits of the average successful candidate are lower than if more hopefuls were admitted.

Take the example of a weak candidate who started work on September 2nd; because he could not pass, he would not affect the average score of the winners. Now imagine an excellent candidate who began work on September 3rd. S/he would pass, boosting the score of the average successful candidate and giving the EU a slightly more qualified civil service.

But s/he will not get that chance this time because s/he started work three days too late.

Speaking of which, things were different for the EU10 internal competition. That time they used the last day of the month in which the deadline was set, giving those who had started work "29 days too late" a shot at a job.

In some cases exemptions to the September 1st rule were granted, in others they were denied. Some common sense is better than none at all, but its inconsistent application opens a fresh can of worms; that of fairness and non-discrimination. Some people who asked for a review had received no reply two days before the exam, leaving them to either prepare in less than 48 ours or to spend 48 days preparing in the hope that they will be allowed to sit the exam. That is no way to treat people who volunteer to join our Civil Service.

The EU Institutions spend money to communicate with the public and improve their image. If they treated Europeans with more fairness they could cut back the PR budget substantially.

Michael Ashbrook

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