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EPSO Laureate 01

15 Questions from EPSO Laureates
Are you an EPSO laureate? And...

1. Have you worked really hard to pass one of the EU competitions only to find out that you have joined a long queue of roughly 5000 like you, waiting impatiently to be “flagged” and have a job interview?

2. Did you know that for each vacancy at the European Commission there are approximately 40 candidates (mainly laureates)?
3. Do you wonder why EPSO spends millions of Euros every year to select potential EU officials, when there are thousands of laureates already on the reserve lists?

4. Are you frustrated that you have no means to find out what jobs are vacant in the EU institutions?

5. Are you worried that your reserve list will expire without having been given a chance to an interview?

6. Have you sent tens of speculative emails and received one or two answers saying that you should upload your CV on the Commission’s CV database?

7. Do you really think that heads of units are checking the CV database unless the job vacancy is very specific/specialised?

8. Do you wonder why there are several CV databases for laureates?

9. Do you wonder how and why each EU institutions and each DG has different recruitment procedures that are totally unknown to laureates?

10. Have you been place on the reserve list before the reform of the competition procedures and now you are worried that only recent laureates will be given the chance to an interview?

11. Were you encouraged by EPSO to lobby in order to speed up the recruitment process but you have no idea how to do it?

12. Do you think it is unfair that EPSO is also organising separate internal competitions for temporary staff?

13. Do you think is unfair that outsider laureates (who never worked and do know anyone in the EU institutions) have no way of finding out and applying for vacant positions?

14. Have you ever heard of a graduate laureate being recruited without any work experience?

15. Do you think that the grim reality of the reserve lists should be made clearer to potential candidates from the outset of the competition?

These questions were first published here and then brought to our attention by a concerned colleague.

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