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Contractual Agents, their status, their questions, their révendications


Contractual Agents, their status, their questions, their "révendications".

Some bullet points to start off with:


-We are between 6000 and 7000 CAs in the Commission!! The next "statut" will be discussed in 2012 (prochaine réforme)- danger of the discussions to become "inter-institutional havoc", because of all the different statuses existing today and danger of "everybody working against everybody" (diverging interests of different members of staff within one institution).

- "U for U" suggests starting of any negotiations by asking to change the "DGE"/Directives Générales D´Exécution"- as we have no power to negotiate the "status". Another thing that could be envisaged is a letter to Director General HR, with three-four clear "révendications" - claims to be signed by as many CAs as possible.


- More transparency and clarity fort he "6 –year rule". Syndicates and others tell us there is a possibility of creating posts for temporary agents, especially if they are highly specialised. Why does nobody in the HR services explain and do it for us, who have been trained on the job and who are sometimes fulfilling functions of specialists (i.e. communication experts, or even communication experts in a very specific field)?

-Why is it that CAs who passed several concours (e.g. CAST 25 and CAST RELEX2008) cannot be employed for another term inside the Commission, even though they passed the concours/competition and even though they work along with people who, for instance, have been employed from the CAST RELEX 2008, proving that CAs on the list of CAST RELEX can also work inside the Commission, not only outside. Why this unequal treatment?

- Clarity flagging system (e.g. am I visible or not visible on the CAST RELEX 2008 concours/competition, when I am already working inside the EC)? Ensure the possibility to remove the flag before the three months end of notice period before the end of a contract to allow other EU institutions to hire us.

- Get a clear contact point for all CA questions within HR.

- Transparency of posts: List of CA posts of all DGs to be made available to ALL CA Lists.

- Options for making a "career" within the Commission ("CA de carrière"). Options for making a CDI career in other institutions. Possibility of taking part in internal competitions. Possibility of quota reserved for EC CAs in external EPSO competitions (e.g. 15% of list goes to CAs having done the concours and already working within the EC).

- DG INFSO specific: Why can´t CAs follow other language courses than EN, FR, DE (when they already speak all three languages fluently) are well-qualified people punished and get less training when they already know all three working languages of the EC?

- Equal treatment for career development and training - especially because we have got a "precarious" status: Don’t exclude CAs from certain trainings (e.g. Management training- training near to their end of contract), especially if the training is relevant to their post and function within the Unit (e.g. Coordinator/acting Head of Sector).

- Clarity about the fact that CAs are not a "fill-in" for posts, but are required and planned posts. We do not fill in a temporary position - AM posts were created for CAs right from the start and they are not temporary.

- Ensure that the authorised maximum leave for job search is extended in time and aligned to Belgian Law. Currently, the authorised maximum is 1 day/week with up to 4 days max. during the 6 weeks preceding the end of the contract. It would make sense to allow CA to take leave to search for jobs at least 2 to 3 months before the end of their contract.

- CAs not to be the better "intérimaires" with lots of small contracts. I know of cases where CAs have had four different contracts within their first year of work – for three months, then five, then six…. etc. This is creating an extremely unstable situation for them and "emotional" havoc because they cannot plan their future.

- CAs not to be "haggled down" to a lower function group. I know of cases where CAs passed the CAST for function group IV but were employed as CAs function group III. This is inadmissible, to my mind.

- I equally know of cases where CAs of function group II do the work of III/IV and CAs of function group III do the work of IV and of function group IV CAs as acting Heads of Sectors/Managers (who are often denied adequate training).

- CA should not be discriminated against in Sports Clubs or Staff associations. Currently, some associations ask CAs or other temporary staff to pay a full year´s membership- even if CA´s – due to contractual restrictions - cannot stay in the Sports Club for a whole year. This is discriminatory treatment of temporary staff.

S olidarity with those who work for their money
I ndependence from those who don't
D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of sane, adult humans

SID - Solidarity, Independence, Democracy is an independent Trade Union of all EU Institutions employees (Je souhaite adhérer au SID…)

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