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Contract Agents, Secretaries and other Winners
Contract Agents, Secretaries and other Winners

Mr ŠEFČOVIČ email "Proposed Changes to the Staff Regulations" (see below) to everybody of November 16th may look disturbing to those who have come to consider the Commissioners as partners and even generous friends who transfer budget money into union treasuries. The essence of the message is something like "I acknowledge that you do not want to have 26.5% cut from your benefits, but I will go ahead an organize that with Council anyway." Unsubsidized SID is not glad about this development, but sees its analysis confirmed.

Mr Sefcovic gratefully acknowledges input from many sources, but of course not from independent unions. What could a group that is too stupid to accept money possibly contribute to the debate? Clearly, letting our secretaries keep their current AST status has nothing whatsoever to do with SID's petty sarcasm.

And then there is that business about graciously permitting some of the Contract Agents to take internal competitions. What a coincidence; now that the Legislative Committee of the European Parliament is considering Petition 192 (2009) at the Petition Committee's request the Commissioner includes something similar in his proposal. Obviously the many activities that the Contract Agents and their Collective have undertaken have been effective. It is they who emerge from the reform massacre with a couple of tangible improvements. That is what happens when people organize and work for their rights. All of us can do that.

Look, maybe it really is all just a series of flukes that the two injustices targeted by SID are being reduced a bit. If Mr Sefcovic is comfortable pretending that he knows nothing of us, we will survive and hopefully even thrive alongside Commission's attached unions. Perhaps there was some kind of an obscure quasi-causal, quantum mechanical link between his thinking and ours. No matter what the case may be, it is good that at least two serious injustices have been addressed.

Please continue to sign and distribute the "Save 2000 Jobs Petition". If all those jobs are destroyed we may conclude that our words have fallen on deaf ears. But if 1999 or fewer posts are abolished, we will celebrate while wondering just what role our contribution played in successfully defending those posts.

  • * *

Dear Colleagues,

I have today met with staff representatives in a conciliation meeting, which is the last step foreseen in the procedure of the social dialogue on the proposed changes to the Staff Regulations. I have made a significant number of concessions during these negotiations. Unfortunately, this conciliation meeting did not allow us to reach a common position.
During the last four and a half months of discussion, negotiation and exchange of views, we have been able to take comments on board from Staff Representatives of the Commission, other Institutions and Agencies, as well as retired staff. Last but not least, the online forum, with today close to 1000 comments, was and will be an important input for our work.
However, given the current economic situation, a number of proposals could simply not be changed and will remain. The proposed increase in weekly working hours from 37.5 to 40 is directly linked to the reduction of staff numbers by 5% in all staff categories and all Institutions and Agencies before 2018. The increase in the normal retirement age to 65 years is another element which remains, in line with current or forthcoming practices in many Member States. In this respect, I want to underline the appropriate transition period anticipated in the draft proposal.
In the area of careers, I have taken on board the request from Staff Representatives and other Institutions that secretarial tasks shall continue to be performed by officials. This will be accompanied, at the same time, by the introduction of a specific career and salary grid, directly linking career progression to job responsibilities. This new salary grid for future secretaries and clerks represents a very significant improvement if compared to the initial June proposal.
For AST 1 staff recruited after 2004, who will belong to the AST1-7 career stream, I have also introduced the possibility to access the category of assistants (AST1-11) without changing post. This concerns a limited number of staff and will be done on the basis of the evaluation of their functions and job responsibilities.
Moreover, I have introduced myself a certain number of important improvements relating to career progression for AD staff, particularly those recruited following the 2004 Reform. As such, I have included three aspects which do not require any change to the Staff Regulations. I have proposed to run internal Commission competitions at higher grades to allow a significant number of AD staff recruited after 2004 to pursue a faster career. In addition, I propose the possibility for AD8 officials, after two years of seniority in the grade, to apply for AD9 Head of Unit posts and to lower the Head of Sector grade requirement to AD7.
Finally, I have proposed to extend the maximum duration of Contract Agent employment from the current 3 years to a maximum of 6 years. In addition, I have included an option for Institutions to open internal competitions for Contract Agent staff to become officials.
With regard to salary and allowances, I have proposed an increase of the solidarity levy from 5.5% to 6% in order to demonstrate the solidarity of EU staff to fellow citizens. In addition, I propose to extend the duration of the Method used to calculate salaries and pensions to 10 years to allow both greater visibility and stability on this issue.
A number of further elements have been adapted in this new proposal compared to the first version in June this year. These changes concern administrative issues concerning Agencies; geographical balance; and removal expenses. In addition, I have also proposed to increase the annual travelling time from 2 days to 3 days.
As regards flexitime, I think there has been a misunderstanding of the proposal as far as managers are concerned: we do not propose to abolish all flexibility for managers. We merely propose to limit the possibilities to recuperate extra days on a systematic basis, as managers are empowered by the Commission to manage time of others and their own time.
All changes will be explained on the dedicated website in the following days and I invite you to refer to this online source of information and to continue using the online forum to express your views and questions.
After this last meeting in the context of the social dialogue, I will report the outcome of the negotiations to the College. Following that, there will be a formal consultation of the Staff Regulations Committee and of the Staff Committee. After this, the final text will go to the College for adoption, ideally before the end of the year. We will then start discussions with the Parliament and Council, leading to the eventual adoption of the amended Staff Regulations via co-decision procedure.
Throughout these negotiations I have tried to reconcile a range of different views and positions, which often seemed very far apart. This has not been always possible, as the last meeting with staff representatives showed. Acting otherwise would have impaired the overall equilibrium of the package, including the objective of realising the savings we need to make in this period of austerity.
We should all be aware that the discussions in the Parliament and the Council will be tough. Today again, the Council discussed a list of demands put forward by 17 Member States to amend the Staff Regulations.
But I look forward to the challenge, based on what I think is a strong and credible proposal and, as I have always promised, I will continue making the European public administration an attractive work place for the best people.
Dear colleagues, I promised that I will fight hard to protect the salaries, rights, and pensions of our staff.

Best regards,

Vice-President? of the European Commission in charge of
BERL 11/30; Rue de la Loi 200;
1049 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32.2.2975990

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