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Contract Agents Face the Commission's Cold Shoulder

Contract Agents Face the Commission's Cold Shoulder
Contract Agents Face the Commission's Cold Shoulder

After the Contract Agents GA a group of circa fifty tried to deliver the petition with its five thousand signatures to the Commission. Of course, it is physically impossible to access the top floor of the Berlymont Building if you are nothing more than an ordinary citizen, or even an employee. They have more important things to do than to listen to complaints about illegal laws. If one of the twenty seven commissioners had been interested in fair treatment for Contract Agents, s/he could have come down to the general assembly to pick up the petition and maybe say a word or two.

Still, this cold shoulder is only the second worst scenario. The very worst is when some politicians pretend to be on our side. That leads to a lot of lost opportunities for us as we work for those who at least pretend to be our friends.

Naïve people will wonder why the ten or twenty strong arguments for fairness that the Contract Agents have presented are being ignored. It goes back to the 2% who own half of the wealth on earth . Our societies would explode if the remaining 98% were openly told that they count for very little more than the plutocratic minority. This is where the political class comes in by assuring the 98% that our societies are majority ruled with themselves as the honest representatives of the common people. Of course, to get at least a majority of those 98% votes requires a lot of favourable media coverage. Who owns and manages the media? The 2%. Plenty of cases of corrupt politicians selling their influence for cash have come to light, but the submerged part of the iceberg is more dangerous. Politicians who fail to obtain the 2%'s favourable media coverage are doomed to disappear quickly, leaving a cleared stage for the ones who, more or less honestly, express ideas that are acceptable to the seriously wealthy. Many wealthy people are allergic to labour law because they will never need its protection and simply feel no compassion for the less fortunate majority. This goes some way towards explaining why twenty seven out of twenty seven Commissioners are comfortably casual about daily injustice to Contract Agents. The concern is that if one injustice is remedied, other groups will start to demand fair treatment also. This makes the 2% and their politicians wonder where it could all lead and simply refuse to go down that road voluntarily.

The obstacles between Contract Agents and fair treatment are real, but not infinitely high. The Stalinists looked like they would keep control of Eastern Europe forever, but after three decades or so the majority of the population came out on the side of what had been a mere handful of powerless dissidents and overthrew them. Only 12% of the US citizens are of African origin. Until the 1950's, they enjoyed no civil rights, but then the patient work of people like Martin Luther King began to pay off. What these two examples show is that injustice can be overcome without mustering huge amounts of power. There was not even a victory at the polls, let alone on the battlefield, just lots of patience and a little courage.

The most obvious next step for the Contract Agents is to take their petition to the European Parliament . The process is simple enough and SID is available with its EP experience. Each one of the circa 70 Members and Alternates of the EP's Petitions Committee deserves to informed about the mistreatment of Contract Agents; by email, snail mail, phone and in person. In the best case, one Contract Agent per MEP would volunteer to do this work that might be called organized grassroots lobbying. We have every right to do it.

One more thing; please remember to give Petition 192(2009) a little boost while you are communicating with Parliament. After all, equal access to internal competitions would be a nice step towards justice, one distant day.

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