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Certification: A system of selecting Apparatchiks versus honest competent AST officials

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A system of selecting Apparatchiks versus honest competent AST officials

By now, if you were to hazard a guess, you would have realized that external AD competitions are no longer forthcoming for us, the citizens of the old Europe.

Under such conditions, the only door left open to becoming AD for an AST is the Certification.

Socrates put it most appropriately when he said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

In the selection process for Certification, 40% of the places are for those who have a degree plus expierence and 60% are for those who have experience.

Do you think it is helpful, or simply confusing that despite our Staff Regulation’s article 5.3 (education requirements for an AD) DG Admin, under the steermanship of our beloved DG ADMIN Director - General with the help of certain dear big Trade Union careerists, prefers a Certification system based more on loyalty than competence?

Nevertheless, in the EU Commission it would be naïve to assume that degree education is the key prerequisite for selection as an AD, even though Staff Regulation demands it.

Remember, we showed previously how Commission’s Certification process discriminates against university graduated ASTs.

As of last year, only 40% of the candidates can be selected from among those having at least one university qualification!

You may wish to know who was responsible for this stranged criterion. You do not have to dig too hard to see which Trade Union careerists were actually complicit in this madness.

Let us now examine the following cases for the 40% list:

Mr. X, with an average merits points of 15.7, a PhD in Economics and 15 years at the Commission’s service would not be selected since Ms Y with 3 years in the Commission, 15.8 merit points and a degree in Theatre Studies is considered "better qualified" than him according to these rules.

Mr. X once again will not be selected, since Mr. Z with 12 years in the Commission, no university degree (in fact Mr. Z was a really bad pupil in school, he was able to start to work much earlier than Mr. X because he dropped out of school) and an average of 15.8 merit points is "better qualified" than him.

Confused by all this madness, Mr. X after 17 years in the Commission (AST8) is planning to apply for an external competition for Administrators (he is trying to get the Romanian Nationality to do this, in order to be able to participate in the external competition).

But his wife has advised him not to do so since they cannot afford the monthly mortgage due to the salary reductions resulting from him becoming an AD5.

Mr. X has since become really depressed and has asked COMPASS and SCOP to help him out. He is seriously considering asking for an early retirement as soon as possible. Until that moment he has decided to do his job and no more than what is stated in his "job description".

By the way, we forgot to mention that Mr. X has a very good friend, Mr. T, who could not apply for the certification even though he has an average of 17.5 merit points, three PhD s in Economics / Law / Business and an experience of 18 years in the Commission.

Why you may ask?

Simply because he has always been working in the Commission as an Accountant.

And Commission requires a minimum of two areas of competencies in order for one to apply for Certification.

Result: Mr. T is currently scanning SYSLOG everyday in order to find an appropriate course for retirement such as: "Preparation for Retirement".

What conclusion would you infer from the above cases and the observation that the Administration seems to be bent on discriminating against university educated Officials?

Remember, SID did not stay silent on these issues and has raised them. But the Administration and its collaborator trade unionists stayed solidly complacent.

Truly, these careerist trade union Officials who negotiated this way of processing candidates for Certification, within the social dialogue, must have been tumbling over themselves to show that they believe in Doublethink (Both the requirements of articles 5.3b and 5.3c and their direct opposites – i.e. no university education - when it comes to Certification).

George Orwell described this type of trade union Officials as “one of the most desolating spectacles the world contains. He has been picked out to fight for his mates, and all it means to him is a soft job and the chance of bettering himself”. In the guise of “defending” personnel Rights they commit all atrocities in your names.
George Orwell

To add insult to injury, as of this year, university educated AST Officials with Masters and Doctorates are to be further discriminated against.

Our Politburo (DG ADMIN and its careerist trade unionists) decided in its wisdom to value the highest university qualification by attributing it a maximum of 8 points rather than 10 as was the case last year.

Another careerist Trade union Official in the same meeting even goes as far as to ask the Admin if the procedures could not be even further biased towards the AIPN in order to give the DGs more room to maneuver. Here, DG Admin Official responds to her that all has been taken care of in that respect.

In other words, education is devalued even further as a criterion for admission to Certification this year!

Arguably, SID sees clear parallels of this with the old Soviet Union era of Nomenklaturas and Apparatchiks. Apparatchik (Russian: аппара́тчик) refers to a professional functionary of the Soviet Union, with little or no actual training, who was appointed to positions of responsibility by the Nomenklatura. Are there similarities between elements of that Soviet Union and the European Union?

A system that by further reducing the value of hard gained university education in the selection process discriminates even more against competent individuals.

Not unlike the Soviet Union era policies, an AST official is not allowed to advance in his career without the meddlings of Nomenklatura. Our Certification system helps to create a new class of Nomenklatura AD Officials selected mainly from the Apparatchiks amongst the ASTs.

You see, it is no wonder that the ordinary citizen has become very wary of our Nomenklatura. And our honest ASTs have become very disillusioned with our bureaucracy.

S olidarity with those who work for their money
I ndependence from those who don't
D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of sane, adult humans

SID - Solidarity, Independence, Democracy is an independent Trade Union of all EU Institutions employees (Je souhaite adhérer au SID…)

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