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Dear representatives of the Unions,

In the framework of the "Agenda for Change" and its consequences, which are leading to a redeployment of personnel with a heavily negative impact on Delegations throughout Latin America and Asia, we, the local and contract agents of the EU Delegation to Uruguay, would like to express our discontent with the Unions for the total lack of reference made to this downsizing of Delegations' staff.

This state of play implies the loss of a significant number of jobs, mainly among the weakest staff categories (as are local and contractual agents). We strongly believe this situation deserves much more detailed and careful treatment by the Unions than many of the issues currently being covered in your many electronic messages.

We would appreciate a far more thorough and intensive coverage of this issue and its consequences, as well as the implementation of positive actions taken by those who fight for the rights of the staff of European Institutions in order to revert this redeployment.

Yours sincerely,

The Local and Contractual Agents of the EU Delegation to Uruguay

Delegación de la Unión Europea en Uruguay y Paraguay
Bvar. Artigas 1300
Montevideo 11300 - Uruguay
Tel: (+598 2) 19440 int. 142
Fax: (+598 2) 19440 int. 122

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