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CA Resignation Letter 01

Contract Agents and Staff Representation
Dear CA Colleagues,

I have decided to resign from all trade union related activities. I want to present my apologies, particularly to the ones that voted for me and got me elected for the Outside of the EU Staff Committee (CLP HU) and CCP. I wish I could have done more for you, for me, for all of us.

But I have some reasons: primo, DG HR does not respect us (not even the CCP), the Council does not give a dime for DG HR, and meanwhile, we did not manage to have unity, we do not speak at a single voice (because is soundless); we are nothing because we are unable to stand up all together. I definitely think it's urgent to create a strong CA organization within the Commission.

I once assumed that most trade unionists at the Commission were smart as***, lazy people trying to get advantages for them and relatives, and, unfortunately, that is still true for many, nowadays. What many want are free trips to Brussels, in business of course, and as many as possible, particularly if you are an official and you have your house, friends and family there… I shall not be one of those, and Brussels is too cold (nine years were enough 1996/2004 - that's when I realized that some animals are more equal than others).

In the three general assemblies of the Central Staff Committee which I have attended over the past 3 years, there were more wandering outside than at the meeting. But if you check the signatures in the list of presences, everybody was there… what's the use of an empty plenary? What's the use of an instrument where you say important things that nobody listens to?

LAs outside Africa are in great danger and, once again, will not be treated as People; they are the "bastards". CAs is quite similar; we are the "stepsons". Where is our annual pay raise? What are our written rights; a bunch of baloneys? Where is the dignity to treat all people as people? These are my main reasons to step down now, though there are others: CLP HU elections are coming soon and is fascinating to see how nervous some people turn with the prospects of not getting re-elected…

I remain available to lend a hand with any queries that I may be of assistance, bilaterally. Meanwhile, you have our Colleagues Helen, Alessandro, Andrea, Jordi and others to guide you through the official channels and keep our spirit alive.

Best wishes and Happy Easter!

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