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Austerity versus Sincerity 01

Austerity versus Sincerity
Austerity versus Sincerity

The solutions to temporary problems obviously need to be temporary. Very nearly all politicians assure us that the financial crisis will not last forever. A logical conclusion is that cuts imposed on EU staff will also be temporary because they would become unfair once the sun returns to Europe's skies.

One approach would be to add a "sunset clause" to the reform legislation. After all, "The German constitution rules a general sunset provision of six months for emergency legislation." Sounds like something that belongs in the EU Treaties, doesn't it?

A simplistic approach would be to add "These emergency measures will be in effect from the 01.01.2013 until the 31.12.201X. After that date the old Staff Regulations will once again take effect." to the text of the reform regulation. This is "simplistic" and also inefficient because the reform changes many of our basic structures in the public service. To take such costly fundamental changes back and return to the exact status quo ante after less than a decade would be absurd.

A sincere austerity package would be much briefer than what we are facing. It would read roughly "The following line will be appended at the end of Article 66a(2) of the Staff Regulations;
" 'from 01.01.2013 until 31.12.201X 32.0%'. " This would bring the levy up to 32.0% from the current 5.5% until 31.12.201X. Keep reading, its less crazy than it sounds at first.

The proposals under discussion will cost staff 26.5% when all the cuts are added up. If "Europe" needs 26.5% of our benefits in order to get through a rough patch, 32.0% = (26.5% + 5.5% ) would be the reasonable way to rescue it with our sacrifice.

But the money saved is only motive. A second reason to cut our services down to size is to weaken public authorities as much as possible so that they will be less able to interfere with whatever the 2% decide to do to Europe.

EU staff are at bilingual or more and most of us hold at least one university degree. So far, at least, we enjoy job security. That brings us to a third and powerful motive. The rest of the workers in Europe are more vulnerable to plutocratic extortion than we are. Those cuts that we fail to stop will be imposed on many millions of others. The 26.5% to be taken away from 40.000 EU Institution people are barely worth the fuss and bother. But if they can be abused as a precedent for cutting 40.000.000 Europeans' benefits by about a quarter, that's big money.

True enough; most of our very top earners with 10.000 EUROs monthly could survive decently on 7.000. But this will lead to having 1.000 EURO salaries around Europe cut down to an inadequate 700 EUROs.

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