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Austere Christmas 01

They Wish Us an Austere Christmas and a Crappy New Year
They Wish Us an Austere Christmas and a Crappy New Year

The Commision has finalized the draft Deform document that it will submit to Council. Maybe it was so scared of the protests announced for December 14th by its subsidized unions that it went ahead and took the decision on December 13th, or not. The next phase of the Deform process will involve the Commission pretending to defend its proposals against Council attacks. "Pretend" because those two EU Institutions are manipulated and controlled by the 27 Member State governments, respectively. Their conflicts are like the fighting of marionettes; if you look closely you can make out the thin nylon threads that move the combatants. (By the way, the reason why our EU marionettes put on such miserable shows is that they are being played by twenty-seven pairs of utterly uncoordinated hands. There's a lot more fighting behind the scenes than on stage.)

Those groups of staff who remain fixated on the Commission, by conviction or by subsidy, will keep us in copy of their good advice and urgent appeals to the 13th floor of the Berlymont. SID will continue to focus on the European Parliament, where ordinary citizens can sometimes get a hearing. This is possible because there is more to the EP than just the power politics of 27 nation state governments. Hence the greater impact of 192(2009) and 847(2011) than of petitions with ten times more signatures that were sent to the Commission.

Due to SID's stubborn refusal to sign the Framework Agreement the Commission and we are not on speaking terms, at least not formally. Therefore we need not analyse all the details of Mr ŠEFČOVIČ Christmas Message to staff, but some of his generalities are revealing.

"As I have said from the beginning of this process, it is important that the Commission shows leadership on this issue and demonstrates solidarity with member states and European citizens. In the current context of fiscal consolidation, we simply have to respond in line with what is happening in member states. …"

The Vice President makes no attempt to give sound reasons for the policy of austerity, which pumps Europe's money out of the pockets of its workers uphill to the billionaires, and on the BRIC via various offshore tax havens. That is intelligent because no good reasons for Europe's economic and social suicide exist. The reason for giving up 26.5% of our benefits is supposed to be that "we simply have to". Toddler logic! The choice of words in that paragraph of generalities betrays how tightly the draftsman is controlled by the Member State governments.

Then there is also a bit of terminological in-exactitude. According to the latest news available only one Commissioner has agreed to a substantial salary cut. He is Mario Monti, a retired veteran. According to an intriguing urban legend, Council ran into hardnosed resistance with its suggestions the incumbent Commissioners should share in the cuts that they impose on us . So the "we" in the Vice President's Christmas austerity message should be read as "you".

But that doesn't matter now. Our focus is on the European Parliament and we hope to do as the Commissioners do, rather than as they say.

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