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Are There Three European Schools inside one

European Schools
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Are There Three European Schools inside one?

Judging by the way the eleven language sections fall into distinct clusters, there must be three European Schools that may share buildings, but not much else.

The above result might be understandable after four or five years of operating the European School. One could have then taken the data as a strong proof of how an integrated ES was needed in order to give all young Europeans equal opportunities.

However, the visual message is clear! After half a century of European schooling deep inequalities remain, albeit under one roof. The precise causes of such persistent structural discrimination cannot be analysed in a page or two. Nor can a program for magically undoing the accumulated failures of half a century be presented here.

What is clear is that there is today no real European School. The challenge ahead is to develop what little we have into an integrated ES with equal opportunities for all. To this end a wide ranging review of the EBac is currently taking place at the highest levels.

Now would be an excellent moment to make your opinions known to you National Representatives as well as to Mr. Scriban, the Commission's Representative on the Board of Governors (!

1) Rapport sur le Baccalauréat européen 1999
2) Report on the European Baccalaureate 2000

3) Report on the 2001 European Baccalaureate

4) Report on the European Baccalaureate 2002
5) Report on the European Baccalaureate 2003
6) Draft Report on the 2004 Baccalaureate

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