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All about RFID

Human Rights
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All you needed to know about RFID

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With television came indoctrination of revision of history and trivialisation of catastrophic news such as wars, flood victims etc intertwined with consumer adverts every two or three minutes. And also it gave the media corporations the opportunity to fill up your time after work with trivial pursuit programs like X-factor, big brother etc that keep the brain numb. Then by careful control of news and information came the mind control of the public.

But this was not enough. Then came internet and with it the possibility to trace all your moves on the internet and correlate that with patterns of your thinking. Well aside from commercial aspects to the corporations and how to maximize their profits out of your ever increasing use of internet came also regulations to police your thoughts. This is a new development. In the past even under torture it was not always possible to see what the victim thinks but now by following your every move it is possible to create a pattern of your thinking.

Now comes RFID and with it the possibility to track your every physical move on this planet. Now it is possible to condition you, to verify your thoughts and track you down on this planet wherever you may be...Some of us consider this an intrusion into our privacy and a violation of our Human Rights…

((What RFID would look like, if it were not so invisible))

arrow rfid does have some friends left

arrow Technology & submissionarrow Technologia & uległość

arrow Do you want to take the Red or the Blue pill?

Passports: This isn’t supposed to happen: how a baby became bin Laden

Fingerprinting Passports


RFID in Food TraceabilityRFID Traceabilityand Container Securityand Security

E-Seals for container security - RFID and privacy protection

European Data Protection Officer's view on use of RFID by DG INFSO and Commission

Best Practices for the Use of RF-Enabled Technology in Identity Management

Technical Guidelines for the Secure Use of RFID (TG RFID)

EP's STOA Report - RFID and Identity Management in
Everyday Life

arrow RFID versus the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
arrow Draft Recommendation on the implementation of privacy, data protection and information security principles in applications supported by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): your opinion matters!

28/2/2008: We are glad that Central Staff Committee of European Commission has on 25/2/2008 sent a letter to Mr Chene, Director General of ADMIN, objecting to the generalisation of the use of RFID technology in Commission Staff cards as it has already been happening in several DGs such as INFSO.

On the occasion of ESTAT Annual General Assembly - 17 Jan 2008 - Mr Carre, Director General, in the presence of Mr Almunia - Commissioner responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs - responded to a question on the use of RFID in personnel cards put to him by Mr Ashbrook that "...there is no plan to introduce RFID based personnel cards in ESTAT..."

lol Believers in Human Freedom and the Rights Of Individuals

confused On current use of RFID in the institutions

arrow Demcracy Ltd - The Abuse of RFID

arrow Democracia Ltd Abuso de la RFID

arrow Démocratie Sàrl., L'abus RFID.

arrow RFID Ge-/Miss-/brauch

evil helytelen - this is a tract about RFID in Hungarian

arrow Sommes nous encore collègues ou bientôt serfs ?

arrow Are we employees or have we become serfs?

arrow How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID

arrow Cloning RFID Tags in Sacramento

RFID information by European Commission

arrow Puce Electronique RFID biometrique France 2

How can RFID affect your personal liberty!

arrow Surveillance ID cards and the Panopticon in the UK

arrow Hacking RFID based credit cards

arrow The Internet of things and people

Ron Paul rejecting the Real ID - National ID (RFID) Card

SID is an independent Trade Union of all EU institutions employees.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

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