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A Thought for Mayday 2010

Trade Unions

A Thought for Mayday 2010

From a Statue of Jim Larkin (1876-1947) an Irish Trade Union leader, in O'Connell Street, Dublin.

His motto is inscribed at the foot of the column in Irish Gaelic, English and French
We have already added a few other language versions to the list which you see below.
Those among you who agree with Big Jim's sentiments are invited to send us a translation into the language of your choice at mailto:REP-PERS-OSP-SID(AT)ec(DOT)europa(DOT)eu .

1 Bulgarian Великите хора изглеждат велики само защото останалите коленичат пред тях. Нека всички ние се надигнем!
2 Czech Velcí se zdají velkými, protože my sami jsme na kolenou. Povstaňme!
3 Danish De store synes kun store, fordi vi ligger på knæ. Lad os rejse os
4 Dutch De groten der aarde zijn slechts groot omdat wij op de knieën zitten. Laten we opstaan.
5 English The great appear great only because we are on our knees: Let us rise
6 Estonian Suur paistab suur vaid siis, kui olla põlvili. Tõuskem!
7 Finnish Mahtavat vaikuttavat mahtavilta ainoastaan koska olemme polvillamme: nouskaamme
8 French Les grands ne sont grands que parce que nous sommes à genoux: Levons-nous
9 German Die Grossen sind nur gross, weil wir vor ihnen knien. Erheben wir uns!
10 Greek Οι μεγάλοι φαίνονται μεγάλοι απλώς επειδή εμείς είμαστε γονατισμένοι. Ας σηκωθούμε όρθιοι
11 Hungarian A hatalmasok csak azért tűnnek nagyobbnak, mert a lábuk előtt térdeplünk. Keljünk fel hát!
12 Irish Ní uasal aon uasal ach sinne bheith íseal: Éirímis.
13 Italian Il grande appare grande perche' siamo in ginocchio: alziamoci.
14 Latvian Lielie šķiet diženi tikai tāpēc, ka esam uz ceļiem - celsimies kājās!
15 Lithuanian Dideli atrodo dideli tik todėl, kad mes klūpime: Stokimės!
16 Maltese Il-kbir jidher kbir biss għaliex aħna qegħdin għarkupptejna: ejjew inqumu
17 Polish Wielcy wydają się nam wielcy tylko dlatego, że jesteśmy na kolanach: Powstańmy więc!
18 Portuguese Os grandes só nos parecem grandes porque estamos de joelhos perante eles. Levantemo-nos!
19 Romanian Măreţia celor mari e doar o iluzie creată de faptul că noi suntem în genunchi: să ne ridicăm!
20 Slovak Veľkí sa zdajú byť veľkí iba preto, že my kľačíme na kolenách: povstaňme!
21 Slovene Veliki se nam zdijo veliki samo zato, ker smo mi na kolenih.Vstanimo!
22 Spanish Los grandes parecen grandes porque estamos de rodillas. Levantémonos
23 Swedish Om de däruppe tycks större är det för att ni själva står på edra knän. Res er

Other languages:
iEsperantoLa granduloj grandas nur char ni surgenuas: ni levighu!
iiFarsiبزرگان بزرگ بنظر مي ايند چون ما به زانو هستيم دربرابرشان بياييد تا برخيزيم

We have received some unexpected donations and decided to pass 200 € of that money along to
Stëmm vun der Strooss, 105, rue du Cimetière – L-1338 Bonnevoie. This charity helps homeless Luxembourgers (yes, they do exist) with meals and other support.

This is not only an act of charity, but also of solidarity because the worst paid among our colleagues are already below the Grand Duchy's minimum wage. Sooner or later some of them will show up in the rue du Cimetiére for a free meal, or maybe they already have. That shame is not on them, but on our cheapskate bosses.

Here is their bank account

The "Stëmm vun der Strooss" has account number LU63 0019 2100 0888 3000 at the BCEE. Please give generously because in our society anyone can find themselves homeless and penniless one day, even you.

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