PETITION against the proposed 5% Job cuts in the EU institutions

The Commissioner Sefcovic's proposal does not solve the Financial Crisis which is created by the big Banks and Corporations who refuse more and more to pay their real due taxes to the society.
We in SID have the following questions concerning Commissioner Sefcovic's proposals to Council for reform of the EU Staff Regulations.He has not defended Commission Staff infront of the Council while Commission's administrative budget was reduced by 8.5% while for the other institutions this was increased by 16.3% extra administrative budget.
By cutting our jobs and salaries the European Commission will only demoralize an already demoralized Staff further. And this action will only make EU regress instead of going forward.
And the interests of the EU citizens will not be preserved as well as before. Also in no way these cuts are foreseen to affect the Commissioners' entitelments or their jobs.
De-regulations have not helped and will not help the EU Citizens' Rights or reduce the financial problems in Europe. They only help Corporations make more profits at the expense of everyone else.
How is this moraly justified.
Finally, by denying certain trade union representatives access to documents necessary for their work , European Commission is not acting in good keeping with Articles 27, 28 and 42 of EUCFR. This action does not in any way put European Commission's Human Resources in a very good light.

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